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I was to­tally overwhelmed by the ar­ti­cle on im­pov­er­ished women in In­dia who adopt aban­doned girls in spite of op­po­si­tion from their fam­i­lies (‘Moth­ers to the lost girls’, March 14).

What was beau­ti­ful about the story was that none of the women had sec­ond thoughts about their de­ci­sion and didn’t seek recog­ni­tion from so­ci­ety for their no­ble act. They saw a small child who needed love and care and they just let their ma­ter­nal in­stinct take over and gave those kids what­ever they could.

I am hum­bled by their mag­nan­i­mous spirit. May all their dreams for their kids and them­selves come true.

RUKHSANA AH­MAD, VIA EMAIL M oth­ers are moth­ers, rich or poor. I salute all the moth­ers for be­ing so gen­tle and kind.

NAMITA SURI, VIA FACE­BOOK F ri­day is one of my favourite mag­a­zines. The ar­ti­cle ‘Moth­ers to the lost girls’, was re­ally beau­ti­ful. It just proves that there still are so many good people in this world who care about love and hu­man­ity.

Thank you Fri­day for giv­ing these women the recog­ni­tion they de­serve.

I en­joyed all the ar­ti­cles that were to do with moth­ers. All these people are ab­so­lutely amaz­ing.

I am in­spired by their courage and their will to over­come all the dif­fi­cul­ties in their lives. Thank you Fri­day for telling us about such amaz­ing people.

PRATISH AD­HIKARI, VIA EMAIL We re­ceived many letters about this ar­ti­cle. Like you, I think these women are an in­cred­i­ble ex­am­ple of self­less­ness and sac­ri­fice. Karen, edi­tor.

A ll the ar­ti­cles about moth­ers in the March 14 is­sue of Fri­day were heart­warm­ing and in­spir­ing. I par­tic­u­larly loved the real-life story of Eletta Palmer who, aged just 22 at the time, adopted her young sib­lings af­ter their mother and sis­ter passed away (‘I adopted my broth­ers af­ter Mum died’.) What was most poignant was Eletta’s strug­gle to re­main strong in front of the lit­tle ones and then grieve in pri­vate.

I hope she is able to com­plete her ed­u­ca­tion and con­tinue to give her lit­tle broth­ers and own chil­dren a happy and se­cure en­vi­ron­ment, in which they can grow and pros­per.

FARIDA HUS­SAIN, VIA EMAIL The vac­uum left by the loss of a loved one is some­thing that can never be filled but people like Eletta show us that by stay­ing pos­i­tive, we can heal.

Read­ers were hum­bled by adop­tive mums

Eletta shows us we can heal by stay­ing pos­i­tive

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