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Friday - - MIND GAMES -

Each of these is a quiz ques­tion in its own right, but the an­swers con­nect to a com­mon theme, which could be any­thing from plumb straight­for­ward to bizarrely lat­eral.

1 What word is ap­plied to the stim­u­la­tion of the mind to spe­cial or cre­ative ac­tiv­ity?

2 What three-word ti­tle is com­mon to songs com­posed by Westlife, Ver­bal/Kylie Minogue, Buck­et­head and Kiss?

3 What is the English trans­la­tion of the Por­tuguese phrase “Jun­tos num só ritmo”?

4 What name is given to an in­stru­ment cre­ated by Car­lin­hos Brown (pic­tured) con­sist­ing of a closed plas­tic bas­ket with a flat bot­tom filled with small syn­thetic par­ti­cles? 5 Tolypeutes tricinc­tus is the sci­en­tific name for which crea­ture?

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