Quick takes

Friday - - MIND GAMES -

1 What is Turkey’s in­ter­net TLD (Top Level Do­main) code?

a .tu

b .ty

c .tk

d .tr

2 What is a poly­graph?

a A lie de­tec­tor

b Some­thing writ­ten by many people

c A post­card d A sur­vey

3 Which is the world’s south­ern­most cap­i­tal?

a Welling­ton, New Zealand

b Can­berra, Aus­tralia

c San­ti­ago, Chile d Cape Town, South Africa 4 Which com­pany’s name trans­lates as ‘leave luck to heaven’? a Sony b Toshiba c Nin­tendo d Sanyo

Nin­tendo c 4 Zealand New Welling­ton, a 3 de­tec­tor lie A a 2 tr. d 1 An­swers

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