Quick takes

Friday - - MIND GAMES -

1 10 Down­ing Street is to the UK as 24 Sus­sex Drive is to which coun­try? a Canada b Aus­tralia c New Zealand d Hong Kong

2 Which ap­parel is the odd one out? a Bal­a­clava b Cardi­gan c Raglan d Jodh­pur 3 The word ‘glad­i­a­tor’ de­rives from the Latin/Ro­man word for what? a Sword b Shield c Ar­mour d Sol­dier

4 Which is the safest form of trans­porta­tion for hu­mans? a Walk­ing b Cy­cling c Au­to­mo­biles d Air

Air d 4 Sword a 3 up!) it look( Bri­gade Light the of Charge the to linked are three other the – Jodh­pur d 2 res­i­dences) Min­is­te­rial prime( Canada a 1 an­swers

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