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Each of these is a quiz ques­tion in its own right, but the an­swers con­nect to a com­mon theme, which could be any­thing from plumb straight­for­ward to bizarrely lat­eral




4 What word for a judge’s seat is some­times metaphor­i­cally ap­plied to the judge him­self? What is the most com­mon sub­stance (chem­i­cally, a com­pound) found on Earth? Square feet, acres and hectares are all mea­sures of what? The South African city of Natal, and (with a slight dif­fer­ence in pro­nun­ci­a­tion) the com­mon English word ‘natal’, both re­fer to what?

5 Com­merce, busi­ness, deal, trans­ac­tion and ex­change are all syn­onyms for what com­mon word?

words other make to mark’‘– to pre­fixed be can words All link: The Trade 5 Birth 4 Land 3 Wa­ter 2 Bench 1 An­swers

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