Quick takes

Friday - - MIND GAMES -



3 The throne of Ja­pan is named for which flower? a Cherry blos­som b Chrysan­the­mum c Marigold d Rose A Cana­dian-Amer­i­can sports coach is cred­ited with the in­ven­tion of which sport? a Lacrosse b Bas­ket­ball c Base­ball d Ice hockey In which US state was Abra­ham Lin­coln born? a Ken­tucky b Vir­ginia c Illi­nois dWash­ing­ton

4 Which pig­ment is de­rived from the semi­precious stone lapis lazuli? a Aqua­ma­rine b Ul­tra­ma­rine c Ver­mil­ion d Burnt si­enna Ul­tra­ma­rine b 4 Ken­tucky a 3 Base­ball b 2 Chrysan­the­mum b 1


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