Dis­cover the ul­ti­mate beauty, make-up and health tricks that’ll make you in­stantly thin­ner, no sweat­ing re­quired.

Friday - - FRONT PAGE - By Carly Hobbs

Tread­mills, crosstrainers and weight ma­chines – they’re all nec­es­sary work­out evils we use daily here in the UAE to get our bod­ies buff. But what if we told you there was a way to slim down with­out all that ef­fort and that you could throw away your ly­cra, spanx and gym mem­ber­ship?

Who has time to hit the gym when we all live su­per-busy lives, jug­gling work, chil­dren, friends and fam­ily? So it would be silly not to make the most of body prod­ucts that will ban­ish wob­bly bits with­out gym time, or give us in­stant cheek­bones.

Even if you love your body­con dresses and Pi­lates ses­sions, ev­ery­one needs a off day off. Ready, set, slim…

Body blitzers

These beauty prod­ucts will take the work out of your work­out; * Izil Nat­u­ral Argan Beauty Green Tea

Body Scrub, Dh115 is avail­able in the Izil Nat­u­ral Argan Beauty store in Dubai Fes­ti­val City. Use the scrub be­fore you get in the shower, dry buff­ing it up from your legs and arms in to­wards the heart. This helps ban­ish wob­bly bits. It also gets the lym­phatic sys­tem – which car­ries tox­ins out of the body su­per quick – go­ing, so you will be fit­ter and health­ier by the time you turn on the shower. * Clar­ins Body Lift Cel­lulite Con­trol, Dh280 at all Clar­ins counters, smooths down ex­ist­ing lumps and bumps thanks to its ac­tive in­gre­di­ents, as well as pre­vents new ones from form­ing. Dou­ble beauty points.

* St Tropez Tan­ning Ses­sions are avail­able at Sis­ters Beauty Lounge, Dubai Mall, (www.sis­ters­beauty­ Don’t just go for a gor­geous glow though, ask your ther­a­pist to do your usual colour all over and then go in for a sec­ond, lighter coat – just down the mid­dle of your legs, across your tummy in an ab-like shape and also along the thinnest part of your arms. Say ‘hello’ to in­stant def­i­ni­tion and slim­ness.

Skin­care slim­mers

Healthy, fresh-look­ing skin makes you look thin­ner in­stantly. It gives the im­pres­sion that you work out, while fo­cus­ing people’s at­ten­tion on your face rather than the bits of you that you haven’t ac­tu­ally put through their paces. And it’s su­per-easy to get that dewy im­pres­sion with our sim­ple com­plex­ion per­fec­tion plan.

* Clin­ique Com­fort­ing Cream Cleanser, Dh140 at all Clin­ique counters, ditches grime and prod­uct build up, leav­ing skin squeaky clean. Use this, then use it again as a beauty-edi­tor-tried-and-tested dou­ble cleanse will en­sure your face is as fresh as pos­si­ble.

* Bobbi Brown Hy­drat­ing Face Tonic, Dh165 at all Bobbi Brown counters, is the per­fect thing to spritz on next. Not only does it bal­ance out the skin be­fore and af­ter a hard day, the vi­ta­min b5 in­gre­di­ent preps skin so it’s ready and wait­ing for the hy­dra­tion steps, mean­ing your face will be able to make the most of them.

* Estée Lauder Per­fec­tion­ist-Wrin­kle Lift­ing Serum, Dh644 (50ml) at all Estée Lauder counters, boosts the skin’s abil­ity to make col­la­gen by 50 per cent. Col­la­gen holds our faces to­gether to keep things firm look­ing, so slather this on.

* Elemis Max­i­mum Mois­ture Day Cream, Dh349 (see, fin­ishes things off nicely as it’s made us­ing desert plants, my­rotham­nus and tamarind, that nour­ish the skin due to their an­tiox­i­dant prop­er­ties, while help­ing it cope with dry, sunny en­vi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions.


Still no sweat­ing, we prom­ise. Just a tiny lit­tle work­out – for your face. Inge

Theron has just launched Face Gym in Sel­f­ridges, Lon­don, as part of the fa­mous store’s Beauty Project. This kooky con­cept in­volves go­ing for a mas­sage where you make your face do some se­ri­ous ex­er­cise to help it look younger, pret­tier and slim­mer.

Inge, a jour­nal­ist who has spent the past four years se­cretly vis­it­ing and re­view­ing spas as the Spa Junkie, has col­lected all info from her pam­per­ing re­search to cre­ate this treat­ment. And we are now re­veal­ing her se­crets to

Fri­day read­ers. Lim­ber up for some com­plex­ion-gym­nas­tics tips you can take away from her fa­cial plan. Inge de­scribes each stage of the process:

1 Warm up A deep cleanse with vig­or­ous knuck­ling move­ments fol­lowed by skin brush­ing to re­move dead skin cells, boost the lym­phatic sys­tem and kick-start the detox process.

2 Car­dio A com­bi­na­tion of high-en­ergy, quick, whip­ping and rhyth­mic per­cus­sion move­ments to stim­u­late blood circulation, col­la­gen pro­duc­tion and cell re­newal, bring­ing a rosy, fresh glow to the face and neck.

3 Strength train­ing Deep-sculpt­ing, con­tour­ing move­ments tar­get­ing the net­work of con­nec­tive tis­sue and mus­cles to lift, tone and tighten the face, spliced with high-in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing to boost en­ergy flow.

4 Cool down A cool­ing jade roller with heal­ing prop­er­ties is glided across the skin to even tone and calm the com­plex­ion. This is fol­lowed by a splash of hy­drat­ing toner to awaken the face. The treat­ment ends with lym­phatic drainage move­ments to sup­port the elim­i­na­tion of tox­ins.

Make-up-magic tricks

Not so dou­ble chin: Ditch jowls with a soft pow­der blush. Go for taupe if you’re fair skinned, while a deeper brown will work a treat for darker tones.

Care­fully brush your cor­rect hue along the jaw­line on both sides, to cre­ate def­i­ni­tion, with one blusher brush. Then swap the brush for a clean, fluffier one and buff the shad­ing in – no-one wants a beauty beard! You should barely be able to see the line, blend­ing it away to nearly noth­ing – don’t worry, it will do its job of slim­ming down that area.

Eye, eye: Un­less you fancy ex­treme surgery, you can’t get rid of weighty-look­ing eye bags, you can, how­ever, de­tract from them and any wrin­kles, while mak­ing the while face ap­pear slim­mer. All you need is some clever un­der-brow high­light­ing.

Gen­tly sweep a shim­mery pow­der with gold or pearl pig­ments right be­neath the arch of the brow. Work into your eye­shadow when you add this, so there’s no seam – ef­fort­less, yet to­tally ef­fec­tive.

Kimmy con­tour­ing: We’ve all seen that Kim Kar­dashian photo where she shows off her con­cealer lines, used to give her that sculpted face. You can opt for a less harsh, more nat­u­ral ver­sion and still en­joy su­per-slim­ming re­sults.

In­stead of bronzer or heavy con­cealer, se­lect a foun­da­tion three to five shades darker than your nat­u­ral base colour. Care­fully work this down your cheeks, start­ing near the mid­dle of your ears to­wards your mouth in a di­ag­o­nal di­rec­tion. Re­mem­ber, less is more and make sure you blend well so you’ve cre­ate a thin­ner shape that no one will know about. Fin­ish with a touch of cream high­lighter buffed just on to the tops of your cheek­bones, don’t take it too far to­wards the nose or else you will look shiny.

Pout it out: If in doubt (and all else fails) make people fo­cus on your lips with a bold, state­ment look. There are a host of hues to pick from this sea­son from out-there or­anges to clas­sic reds, pretty pinks and berry de­li­cious pur­ple shades. Pick your favourite and then find a match­ing lip liner. Us­ing the lat­ter will give your lip­pie some­thing to stick to as well as giv­ing you the per­fect out­line. Start at the cu­pid’s bow, draw­ing in a slick shape bit by bit with small, sharp strokes. Fol­low the out­line of the lip around the edges, adding a lit­tle ex­tra where needed to even things out. Then colour in your pout com­pletely be­fore adding the lip­stick straight from the bul­let.

For even more stay­ing power, es­pe­cially in sum­mer, pat translu­cent pow­der over the top. It will sink in so it doesn’t show, while lock­ing your lip look in place.

Elmis Max­i­mum Mois­ture Day Cream, Dh349

Izil Nat­u­ral Argan Beauty Green Tea Body Scrub


Clar­ins Body Lift Cel­lulite Con­trol Dh280

Bobbi Brown Hy­drat­ing Face Tonic, Dh165

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