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ACROSS 1 Academy Award-win­ning screen­writer and di­rec­tor noted for films in­clud­ing The Piano, Por­trait of a Lady and the mini-se­ries Top of the Lake (7)

5 English bi­ol­o­gist who dis­cov­ered that the molec­u­lar struc­ture of DNA was in the form of a dou­ble 18 Across with James Wat­son (5)

8 The Can­ter­ville _____; tale by Os­car Wilde in his collection Lord Arthur Sav­ile’s Crime and Other Sto­ries (5)

15 Flavour of jam or con­serve used to at­tach marzi­pan to sim­nel cakes or glaze hot cross buns (7)

16 Ti­tle tra­di­tion­ally granted to the heir ap­par­ent to the Bri­tish monarch since 1301 when Ed­ward I cre­ated it for his son (6,2,5)

17 Any of the 100 square pieces used to play non-dig­i­tal Scrab­ble (4) 18 Spi­ral shape of a corkscrew (5) 19 _____ Is Beau­ti­ful: A Study of Eco­nom­ics As If People Mat­tered; 1973 book by EF Schu­macher (5) 20 From the Latin, lit­er­ally mean­ing won­der­ful, a vari­able red gi­ant star in the con­stel­la­tion known as the Whale (4) 24 Rus­sian tsar who founded the city called Pet­ro­grad from 1914-24 and Len­ingrad from 1924-91 (5,1) 26 For­mer gold coin worth 21 shillings; also a coun­try, cap­i­tal Con­akry (6)

27 _____ Blin­ders; screen­writer Steven Knight’s gang­ster drama se­ries set in 1919 Birm­ing­ham (5) 31 Spotted _____; species of mam­mal with a call like a hys­ter­i­cal laugh (5) 32 Highly-pol­luted river ris­ing in the Hi­malayas to the Bay of Ben­gal where it forms the world’s largest delta (6) 33 Nov­el­ist whose works in­clude The Sound and the Fury, As I Lay Dy­ing and Ab­sa­lom! Ab­sa­lom! (8)

36 Dead _____ So­ci­ety; 1989 film star­ring Robin Wil­liams (5)

37 Ex­plorer who led an un­suc­cess­ful ex­hi­bi­tion in search of the North­west Pas­sage and trans­ported 200 tonnes of an ore he thought was gold to find it was iron pyrite (9)

38 An­other term for source code (5)

39 Sof­fit of an ar­chi­tec­tural arch (8) 40 Vil­lage in An­gus, site of a cas­tle that was the leg­endary set­ting

for Shake­speare’s Mac­beth and the child­hood home of the Queen Mother (6)

42 Di­am­e­ter of a fi­bre, tube or wire; also the dis­tance be­tween a pair of rail­way tracks (5)

44 Fon­dant _____; pe­tits fours-like sponge con­fec­tion with but­ter­cream and pas­tel-coloured ic­ing (5)

46 ______-Eyes; chil­dren’s novel by Madame Doubtfire au­thor Anne Fine (6)

47 No­bel Prize-win­ing drama­tist whose plays in­clude The Birth­day Party, The Home­com­ing, Be­trayal, The Go-Be­tween and Sleuth (6)

51 Mu­si­cal in­stru­ment de­picted on the coat of arms of Ire­land (4) 52 A trick-tak­ing card game (5) 53 Sub­ter­ranean river in Lon­don flow­ing to the Thames be­neath Black­fri­ars Bridge (5)

54 Mil­i­tary leader who ini­ti­ated the Ja­panese at­tack on Pearl Har­bor (4) 59 The third-bright­est star (5,8) 60 Manch­ester-born nov­el­ist who wrote Lit­tle Lord Fauntleroy, A Lit­tle Princess and The Se­cret Gar­den (7)

61 Each of a pair of large, deep mus­cles of the ab­domen and pelvis act­ing as a hip flexor (5) 62 Com­poser who wrote Car­men (5) 63 2008 film star­ring Robert Downey Jr based on a Marvel Comics char­ac­ter (4,3) DOWN 2 Month in which the an­nual Lon­don Marathon takes place (5) 3 Rate of mov­ing, es­pe­cially walk­ing or run­ning (4) 4 Of a bird, in flight (2,3,4) 6 Me­te­o­ro­log­i­cal con­di­tion ei­ther frontal, oro­graphic or con­vec­tive (4) 7 Veg­etable used to make raita or eaten thinly sliced in sand­wiches (8) 9 Spar­row____; raptor that feeds al­most en­tirely on birds (4) 10 Scot­tish sailor who was ma­rooned on an un­in­hab­ited is­land by his cap­tain fol­low­ing a row where he re­mained as a cast­away for four years (7) 11 Curry that was pop­u­larised in Birm­ing­ham where it is also said to have been in­vented (5) 12 An­other name for a scal­lion (6,5)

13 _____­foot; tele­vi­sion se­ries in­spired by a book by Mon­ica Dick­ens (5) 14 Pro­to­type of a pro­posed stamp (5) 21 ___________ man; term used to de­scribe poly­math Michelan­gelo (11) 22 Study of the me­chan­ics of body move­ments and pos­ture (11) 23 Com­mon name for cam­panol­ogy (4,7) 25 Film due for re­lease in 2015 based on Jon Krakauer’s book Into Thin Air (7) 28 Ac­tor who wrote and starred in

The Great Dic­ta­tor (7) 29 Sixth and fi­nal wife of Henry VIII (4) 30 The first com­poser to be hon­oured with a life peer­age (7) 34 Fur­thest planet from the sun (7) 35 Prime min­is­ter who de­clared “I be­lieve it is peace for our time” a year prior to Hitler oc­cu­py­ing Prague (11) 37 Tail­less am­phib­ian known col­lec­tively as an army (4) 41 1990 novel by Rosamunde Pilcher (9) 43 Pre-Raphaelite who cre­ated Beata Beatrix (8) 45 Fate that cuts the thread of life (7) 48 Ce­real grass and grain with the genus or Latin name Triticum (5) 49 Stage name of an ac­tor who starred in films in­clud­ing Bad­lands,

Apoca­lypse Now and The De­parted (5) 50 Atomic num­ber of the metal­lic el­e­ment zir­co­nium (5) 55 Stretch­ing ap­prox­i­mately 152 miles, the name of the sec­ond largest lake in Europe af­ter Ladoga (5) 56 Acro­nym for one of the old­est drama schools (4) 57 A sym­met­ri­cal hex­a­he­dron (4) 58 English ar­chi­tect who de­signed St Paul’s Cathe­dral and the fa­cade of Hamp­ton Court Palace (4)

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