quick takes

Friday - - Mind Games -

1 The name of which place trans­lates as ‘the is­land of many hills’? a Cyprus b Malta c New Guinea d Man­hat­tan

2 Aus­tralian crick­eter Merv Hughes (pic­tured) achieved what feat in a 1988 match against the West Indies? a Fastest test century b High­est part­ner­ship score

c Hat-trick over three overs

d Low­est score ever in test cricket

3 Tung­sten hex­aflu­o­ride is the heav­i­est what? a Hy­dro­car­bon b Liq­uid com­pound c Gas d Tooth­paste in­gre­di­ent

4 The on­line en­cy­clopae­dia Wikipedia is avail­able in many lan­guages, in­clud­ing Brezhoneg, which is spo­ken in a re­gion of which coun­try? a Rus­sia b Slo­vakia c France d Ro­ma­nia

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