Is your cat fat?

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Don’t use YouTube as a guide. A pet in a vi­ral fat-cat video is a fe­line Jabba the Hutt. In a healthy cat you can see the ribs, a waist­line and a tucked tummy. For the fat cat, try...

Cut­ting down on treats. A 2.5cm cube of cheese is a third of a cat’s daily calo­rie al­lowance.

The Atkins diet. If car­bo­hy­drates make hu­mans fat, imag­ine what they will do for a pure car­ni­vore.

A laser pointer. Cats love to chase the dot of light, but in short five-minute bursts. At the end of a ses­sion, be­fore switch­ing it off, point it at a toy, so your cat sees it as a suc­cess­ful “hunt”.

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