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The heart-wrench­ing story of howWayne In­gram helped lit­tle Ste­fan (‘Sav­ing Ste­fan’, June 27) brought tears to my eyes.

Read­ing this ar­ti­cle re­stored my faith in hu­man­ity. Wayne has cared for him just like a true fa­ther would. The matches, char­ity drives and par­ties that he or­gan­ised to col­lect the money for Ste­fan’s surgery were all worth it. With­out doubt he is Ste­fan’s god­fa­ther! I hope this boy grows up to be­come suc­cess­ful.

Both Ste­fan andWayne have earned im­mense re­spect from me for their brav­ery, courage and de­ter­mi­na­tion.

I wish Ste­fan the best of luck in life!

The real-life ar­ti­cle in the June 27 is­sue, ‘Sav­ing Ste­fan’ was truly an in­spi­ra­tion. The world could do with more people likeWayne In­gram, who in spite of be­ing a stranger to Ste­fan, de­cided to make a dif­fer­ence in the boy’s life. A very sweet ges­ture. Wayne has in­spired me to do some­thing to bring a smile to the faces of people who have not been as lucky as I am.

Way to goWayne In­gram. We need kind cit­i­zens like you. ABHIRAMI BIJU NAIR, GRADE 6, DELHI PRI­VATE SCHOOL, SHAR­JAH

It is heart­en­ing to see that so many of our young read­ers found a role model in­Wayne In­gram. He is a real-life hero. Karen, edi­tor

As a woman I was pleased to read the ar­ti­cle ‘The pur­suit of hap­pi­ness’ (June 27) as it con­firmed what I’d al­ways be­lieved was true – women are a hap­pier lot than men. But what got me think­ing was the in­sight by one of the ex­perts, who said that men find hap­pi­ness in be­ing part of a club. That ex­plains my hus­band’s wish to spend more time with his friends rather than take me shop­ping!

This also means if I want my hus­band to be happy, I need to let him have his time with his friends and stop ex­pect­ing him to ac­com­pany me on my shop­ping spree in­stead.

I won­der if he’d still be happy if I were to sug­gest that he give me his credit card and then go with his friends? Ha­haha.


That’s naughty, Sneha!

Just when I was look­ing for new ideas for sal­ads for if­tar, Fri­day, my favourite mag­a­zine, pub­lished recipes that were whole­some, fuss-free and re­ally re­fresh­ing for sum­mer (‘Fresh ideas’, June 27). The bow-tie pasta with basil and wal­nut pesto is now a fam­ily favourite. I am go­ing to make a big batch of the pesto and use it as a mari­nade as well.

FEROZA AH­MAD, VIA EMAIL I’m glad Fri­day is in­stru­men­tal in mak­ing your if­tar menu flavour­ful.

Our fe­male read­ers are glad to know they’re the hap­pier l0t

Wayne In­gram’s love for a stranger moved read­ers

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