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ACROSS 1 Call the Mid­wife ac­tress whose past tele­vi­sion dra­mas in­clude The Dar­ling Buds of May, Our Mu­tual Friend and Rose­mary & Thyme (6)

5 Henry VIII’s war­ship that sank in 1545 with the loss of al­most all of the 400 crew mem­bers and was raised from the So­lent 437 years later (4,4)

9 Au­thor of works in­clud­ing Far from the Madding Crowd, The Mayor of Caster­bridge, The Wood­lan­ders, Tess of the d’Ur­bervilles, and Jude the Ob­scure (5)

13 ____ tarda; Latin or bi­no­mial name of the great bus­tard (4)

14 Mi­crosoft Win­dows plain-text edit­ing soft­ware; also a tablet-like de­vice used with a sty­lus (7)

15 The Tale of Sa­muel Whiskers or The ____ ____ Pud­ding; Beatrix Pot­ter book (4-4) 16 Mid­dle East­ern dish con­sist­ing of a large pro­por­tion of finely chopped flat leaf pars­ley with bul­gar wheat, shal­lots, toma­toes, mint and lemon juice (9) 17 Named af­ter the Latin word for ea­gle, the con­stel­la­tion said to rep­re­sent the bird that car­ried Ganymede to Mount Olym­pus (6) 18 River and trib­u­tary of the Rhine (4) 20 Golden-yel­low­ish or pale brown va­ri­ety of quartz which is one of the birth­stones for Novem­ber (7) 22 The cap­i­tal of Nova Sco­tia; also a mar­ket town in the bor­ough of Calderdale, West York­shire (7)

23 Se­cret _____; Al­fred Hitch­cock film loosely based on sto­ries in W. Somerset Maugham’s collection

Ashen­den (5) 26 Tele­vi­sion jour­nal­ist who was one of the pre­sen­ters of the BBC Nine O’Clock News for 30 years un­til it was axed in place of BBC News at Ten (5) 27 Deer that has cast its antlers (7) 28 English en­gi­neer noted for in­vent­ing the mod­ern steam tur­bine (7) 32 Di­a­grams com­piled by a car­tog­ra­pher (4) 33 Fa­ther of Her­mia in Shake­speare’s

A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream (5) 35 Plant and cot­tage gar­den favourite

with oth­ers such as del­phini­ums, fox­gloves and hol­ly­hocks (5) 36 Cor­don ____; a term for cook­ery of the high­est stan­dard (4) 37 World record-break­ing re­tired triple jumper who be­came the first per­son to break the 18-me­tre bar­rier at the event in 1995 (7) 39 Male of the na­tional bird of In­dia (7) 41 Czech art nou­veau dec­o­ra­tive artist noted for works de­pict­ing the ac­tress nick­named The Divine Sarah (5) 44 In ten­nis, an ex­tended ex­change of strokes in de­cid­ing a point (5) 46 Coun­try with the cap­i­tal Mon­rovia (7) 47 Low-cost class of air travel (7) 50 Kings of ____; rock band whose al­bums in­clude Only by the Night and

Me­chan­i­cal Bull (4) 51 Fox ______; pho­tog­ra­phy pioneer who lived in La­cock Abbey and in­vented the calo­type process (6) 52 Ar­ti­san who spe­cialises in cre­at­ing items made of the metal­lic el­e­ment with the sym­bol Au (9) 55 Na­tive or cit­i­zen of the coun­try with the Ger­man name Öster­re­ich (8) 56 Com­edy drama se­ries set in Nor­folk star­ring Stephen Fry and Hermione Nor­ris (7) 57 No­bel Prize-win­ning chemist who dis­cov­ered deu­terium (4) 58 The _____ Swan; bal­let chore­ographed by Mikhail Fokine to a solo from Camille Saint-Saëns’s

The Car­ni­val of the An­i­mals (5) 59 MP serv­ing as Sec­re­tary of State for Jus­tice and Lord Chan­cel­lor (8) 60 The Greek god­dess of wis­dom (6) DOWN 2 In cricket, a run scored by a means other than a hit with the bat, such as a leg-bye, wide or no-ball (5)

3 Cane fruits of a plant in the rose fam­ily used to make sum­mer pud­ding and cranachan (11)

4 Red­dish-brown earth pig­ment used by Re­nais­sance masters Bot­ti­celli, Leonardo, Michelan­gelo and Raf­faello in life draw­ings and por­trai­ture (8)

5 2008 sci­ence-fic­tion novel by Iain Banks in his The Cul­ture se­ries (6)

6 A string of pearls or onions (4) 7 Mam­mal na­tive to Bri­tain now en­dan­gered due to the in­tro­duc­tion of its Amer­i­can grey rel­a­tive in 1876 (3,8)

8 Long-run­ning wildlife se­ries cre­ated by the late Anglia Tele­vi­sion ex­ec­u­tive Lord Bux­ton of Alsa (8)

10 Veg­etable served in dishes such as risotto or pasta pri­mav­era (9)

11 On Green _______ Street; novel by Se­bas­tian Faulks (7)

12 Tool for smooth­ing plas­ter; elec­tric ve­hi­cle for de­liv­er­ing milk; or a drink served with a scoop of ice cream (5)

19 Hit the ____; an­other term for when an ath­lete reaches the bonk (4)

21 Sparsely-pop­u­lated coun­try said to be one of the hap­pi­est places on earth (7)

24 Ar­chi­tect noted for the Queen’s House, Green­wich, the Ban­quet­ing House, White­hall and Covent Gar­den (5)

25 Scot­tish psy­chi­a­trist who be­came known be­cause of his con­tro­ver­sial views on schizophre­nia (5)

29 Bio­chemist and si­nol­o­gist who wrote Sci­ence and Civ­i­liza­tion in China (7)

30 Com­poser noted for works in­clud­ing

La Travi­ata, Aida, Otello and Fal­staff (5)

31 Pae­di­a­tri­cian who wrote The Com­mon Sense Book of Baby and Child

Care (5) 34 Alex Rider novel for young read­ers by Anthony Horowitz (8,3) 36 Coastal town in Dorset (11) 38 Re­tired freestyle swim­mer who won dou­ble gold at the Bei­jing Olympics (9) 40 The Greek muse of his­tory (4) 42 One who de­signs and makes hats (8) 43 Schol­arly life or world col­lec­tively (8) 45 Ne­olithic henge near Sil­bury Hill and West Ken­net Long Bar­row (7) 48 Iden­ti­fy­ing kit worn by mem­bers of a foot­ball team whilst play­ing (5) 49 Stunt per­formed in freestyle ski­ing; or a roll con­tain­ing a frank­furter (3,3) 53 A book con­nected to film (3-2) 54 ____­body; an im­munoglob­u­lin (4)

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