quick takes

Friday - - Mind Games -

1. Bonk, chagi and fartlek are terms used in what? a Cook­ing b Theatre c Ar­ti­fi­cial lan­guages d Sport 2. Who was Har­ald Blue­tooth?

a A 10th century king of Den­mark and Nor­way

b A fa­mous hump­back whale in Sea World, San Diego

c The man who in­vented wire­less tech­nol­ogy

d An early mas­cot for Pep­so­dent tooth­paste 3. Which part of a flower re­ceives pollen? a Style b Stigma c An­ther d Corolla 4. De­mer­ara, af­ter which a kind of su­gar is named, is a his­tor­i­cal re­gion where? a Spain b Guiana c Por­tu­gal d Brazil

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