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1 Leading eques­trian artist of his day and critic of mod­ernism whose works in­clude A Suf­folk Horse Fair, Laven­ham, Flower Girl, Vi­o­lets and Two Lady Rid­ers Un­der An Evening

Sky (8) 5 Crime nov­el­ist whose books in­clud­ing Fi­nal Cur­tain and Death in a White Tie were adapted into the

In­spec­tor Alleyn Mys­ter­ies se­ries (5) 8 Dish of lan­goustines cooked in bat­ter or bread­crumbs (6) 14 French acro­bat who de­vel­oped the art of trapeze and pop­u­larised a skintight, leg­less cat­suit-like gar­ment (7) 15 Io­nian is­land with the Greek name Kérkyra, de­picted in a se­ries of wa­ter­colours, sketches and lith­o­graphs by Ed­ward Lear (5) 16 Kenyan who won the men’s elite race at this year’s Lon­don Marathon with a record time of 2:04.27 (7) 17 Sum­mer fruit paired with el­der­flow­ers in dishes such as cob­bler, com­pote, crum­ble, fool, jelly and syl­labub (10) 18 Word or phrase that reads the same back­wards as for­wards, such as “race fast safe car”, or “madam I’m Adam” (10) 20 Provençal gar­lic sauce (5) 21 From the Latin mean­ing fire and with va­ri­eties in­clud­ing basalt, gran­ite and ob­sid­ian, one of the three main ge­o­log­i­cal rock types (7)

23 The _____; 1989 James Cameron sci-fi ad­ven­ture film (5) 29 Award stat­uette in the form of a winged woman hold­ing an atom (4) 30 Astrological sign of the zo­diac sym­bol­ised by the Bull (6) 31 Name of the for­mer fam­ily home of Sir Win­ston Churchill, his wife Clementine and their chil­dren (9) 33 Pain­ter of the Early Re­nais­sance who worked un­der the pa­tron­age of the Medici fam­ily and cre­ated works in­clud­ing Pri­mav­era ( Al­le­gory

of Spring) and The Birth of Venus (10) 36 Named af­ter the sol­dier and states­man with the with the so­bri­quet the Iron Duke and the cap­i­tal of New Zealand (10)

38 1,900-mile-long river flow­ing from the Rocky Moun­tains to the Gulf of Mex­ico (3,6)

39 Gif­ford’s ______; tra­di­tional English vin­tage-style troupe and show that tours south-west Eng­land (6)

41 A ____ of Bother; novel by The Cu­ri­ous In­ci­dent of the Dog in the Night-Time au­thor Mark Had­don (4)

44 Ac­tor who starred in the films The Shoot­ing Party, Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sen­si­bil­ity and An Ideal

Hus­band (5) 45 The largest liv­ing bird, able to sprint at speeds of up to 40mph (7) 46 Ger­man physi­cian who was the first suc­cess­fully to demon­strate the pres­ence of elec­tro­mag­netic waves (5) 51 Glass-blower who in­vented the mer­cury ther­mome­ter and de­vel­oped a tem­per­a­ture scale (10) 54 Nick­name of the land­scape gar­dener Lancelot Brown (10) 56 1968 novel by Arthur Hai­ley (7) 57 The _____; tallest build­ing in Western Europe (5) 58 French term used in fash­ion mean­ing up to date or in vogue (1,2,4) 59 En­gi­neer who in­vented an in­ter­nal­com­bus­tion en­gine in the 1890s (6) 60 _____ Mag­no­lias; film star­ring Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Han­nah and Ju­lia Roberts (5) 61 Lady Emma ________; muse of Ge­orge Rom­ney (8)


1 Sea­port in An­dalu­sia, birth­place of Pablo Pi­casso (6) 2 A newly coined word or phrase (9) 3 1849 paint­ing by John Everett Mil­lais il­lus­trat­ing an episode from a poem by John Keats (8)

4 The ______ Show; tech se­ries (6) 6 ____ above the ground; se­ries of haute école move­ments in ad­vanced clas­si­cal dressage (4) 7 A type of aqualung used by divers (5) 9 The Ro­man god of love (5) 10 Com­mon name of the plant with the Latin name Filipen­dula

ul­maria; also a novel by Baroness Emma Or­czy (11) 11 French Neo­clas­si­cal pain­ter who cre­ated The Valpinçon Bather (6) 12 Ac­tor who starred in Ro­man Polan­ski’s The Ghost Writer (8) 13 Group of geese in flight (5) 19 So­ci­ety for people with high IQ; Latin word for ta­ble; or a con­stel­la­tion (5) 22 _____ Tom Cob­ley and all; in­for­mal phrase de­rived from

Wide­combe Fair (5) 24 The sci­ence of plant life (6) 25 Town in the Glouces­ter­shire Cotswolds in close prox­im­ity to High­grove (7) 26 Cap­i­tal of French Guiana (7) 27 Af­ter-ef­fects of a nu­clear ex­plo­sion, de­picted in Ray­mond Briggs’s When the Wind Blows (7)

28 The _______; or­ches­tral suite by Gus­tav Holst (7) 32 Lit­er­ary term for a skil­ful hunter (6) 34 Com­puter virus de­signed to cor­rupt or de­stroy data or cause a fa­tal er­ror such as the “blue screen of death” (6,5) 35 One of the lo­ca­tions on the Grand Dé­part route of this year’s Tour de France (5) 37 A group or set of 20 (5) 40 The only jockey to have been knighted, con­sid­ered the best in flat rac­ing his­tory (8) 42 _________ tails; clas­sic short­bread shape said to have been in­vented by Mary, Queen of Scots (9) 43 Ja­panese mari­nade based on dark soy sauce and gin­ger (8)

47 Who’s ______ of Vir­ginia Woolf?; 1962 play by Ed­ward Al­bee (6)

48 Cler­gy­man who wrote a nat­u­ral his­tory of Sel­borne (5) 49 Tra­di­tional brimmed straw hat (6) 50 Heraldic beast re­sem­bling a cross be­tween a dragon and a grif­fin (6)

52 Form of lyric poem in­vented by Archilochus (5) 53 Piece of cloth sewn in a gar­ment (5) 55 French for cob­bles, famed in the Paris-Roubaix cy­cle race (4)

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