July 22 – Au­gust 22

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Al­though the re­cent move by Jupiter, the planet of growth, op­por­tu­nity and good for­tune, into Leo on July 16 promised all man­ner of ex­cite­ment, don’t ex­pect your dreams to be­come re­al­ity overnight.

Jupiter re­mains in your sign un­til mid-2015, and dur­ing the first six months of its stay, the fo­cus may be more on what needs to go than on what’s next. Know­ing that, re­gard prob­lems with el­e­ments of your per­sonal, fi­nan­cial, re­la­tion­ship or work­ing life as rea­son to ques­tion those ar­range­ments and your pri­or­i­ties. You could dis­cover that what once suited you or held great prom­ise no longer does and should, per­haps, come to an end.

Mean­while view the puz­zling, and of­ten per­plex­ing, ideas and of­fers that are part of this cy­cle as rea­son to ex­plore. They may be dis­rup­tive but this is about tak­ing you into new ter­ri­tory. True, some ideas may go nowhere, but in ev­ery case, the ex­pe­ri­ences you’ve had will be worth your while. If there’s any chal­lenge, it’s your own im­pa­tience to see progress and, per­haps, the anx­i­eties of those who want things set­tled swiftly.

But this is sort of like go­ing back to school and be­ing in­tro­duced to new ideas and new ways of think­ing. Just as you must be pre­pared to say farewell to fa­mil­iar el­e­ments of your

Your ego might not like it, but you must be pre­pared to view fail­ure as part of the learn­ing process

life, you must be pre­pared to view fail­ure as part of the learn­ing process. While your Leo ego may not be happy, you’re be­ing re­minded how to learn, and this in­cludes ex­actly the kind of mis­takes you’re likely to make. Grad­u­ally, you’ll be­come more in­quis­i­tive and your world will broaden. When you look back on this pe­riod and the first half of 2015, and all you learned, you’ll be grate­ful for ev­ery twist and turn.

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