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ACROSS 1 Scot­tish au­thor whose nov­els in­clude The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The Girls of Slen­der Means, A Far Cry From Kens­ing­ton and The Fin­ish­ing School (5)

4 Ac­tress who starred in the 1964 Joe Or­ton play En­ter­tain­ing Mr

Sloane and in tele­vi­sion se­ries in­clud­ing Gone to the Dogs, Bed­time,

Fortysome­thing and Bleak House (7) 8 Rep­re­sent­ing a beast slain by Her­cules, the largest of the mod­ern star con­stel­la­tions (5) 15 Coun­try in North Africa with a red and white flag bear­ing a cres­cent and five-pointed star (7) 16 Gi­ant _____; en­dan­gered mam­mal of moun­tain­ous re­gions of China which feeds al­most en­tirely on bam­boo (5) 17 With a year span­ning 88 days, the small­est planet in our so­lar sys­tem; or the chemical el­e­ment also called quick­sil­ver, sym­bol Hg (7) 18 Aro­matic herb used to flavour some Moroc­can-style teas (4) 19 Breed of dog such as the one named Greyfri­ars Bobby (4,7) 20 Scot­tish neo­clas­si­cal ar­chi­tect whose de­signs in­clude Culzean Cas­tle in Ayr­shire and Balavil House in In­ver­ness-shire, which fea­tured in the se­ries Monarch of the Glen (4) 23 Dye ob­tained from cer­tain lichens, used as a pH in­di­ca­tor (6) 24 Dutch land­scape pain­ter whose works such as The Wa­ter­mill with

the Great Roof and A Woody Land­scape with a Cot­tage re­flect the in­flu­ence of his teacher, Ja­cob van Ruis­dael (7)

26 Comic book com­pany that cre­ated su­per­heroes in­clud­ing Spi­der-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, the X-Men and the Fan­tas­tic Four (6)

30 Plant with cul­ti­vars in­clud­ing Ann Folkard, Bal­le­rina, Dilys, Jolly Bee and Mrs Ken­dall Clark; also a com­mon name for the pe­largo­nium (8)

32 For­mer Con­ser­va­tive politi­cian turned best­selling nov­el­ist whose

re­cent works in­clude Best Kept Se­cret and Be Care­ful What You Wish For (6)

33 Dance for two based on an em­brace and stylised walk­ing (5)

35 Two-day event in which ath­letes com­pete in 10 dis­ci­plines in­clud­ing the 100m sprint, high jump, pole vault and dis­cus (9)

37 Grey metal­lic el­e­ment, atomic num­ber 4, used to make ra­di­a­tion win­dows in X-ray tubes (9)

41 Sit­u­ated at the base of the skull, the most prom­i­nent part of the oc­cip­i­tal bone (5)

42 The ______ Night; van Gogh paint­ing (6) 43 Marsh ________; sea veg­etable used to ac­com­pany fish dishes or steamed and served in but­ter and lemon juice (8) 46 French word for an ex­er­cise book or note­book (6) 47 Elegy writ­ten by Percy Bysshe Shel­ley for John Keats fol­low­ing his death in 1821, aged 25 (7) 48 ______ Polo Club; eques­trian pri­vate mem­bers’ venue in Wind­sor (6) 52 Streak of a dif­fer­ent colour or com­po­si­tion run­ning through mar­ble, cheese, wood or rock (4) 54 French method of cook­ing and serv­ing food in a par­cel of parch­ment paper (2,9) 56 The cap­i­tal of Azer­bai­jan (4) 59 Term for the max­i­mum num­ber of rev­o­lu­tions per minute of a car or mo­tor­cy­cle en­gine (7) 60 Aus­tralian mar­su­pial with a thick grey coat and op­pos­able thumbs (5) 61 Bri­tish brand and man­u­fac­turer of coun­try cloth­ing such as waxed jack­ets and quilted coats (7) 62 In­dian state, cap­i­tal Dis­pur (5) 63 Left-hand page of an open book (7)

64 The _____ Witch; se­ries of sto­ries for chil­dren by Jill Mur­phy (5) DOWN 2 Ker­nel ground to make pesto or toasted and sprin­kled on sal­ads (4,3) 3 ____ with­out a thorn; name given to Cather­ine Howard by Henry VIII (4) 5 English physi­cist noted for his stud­ies of the iono­sphere that led to the de­vel­op­ment of radar (8) 6 Stand with com­part­ments orig­i­nally for sheet mu­sic, now gen­er­ally used for mag­a­zines (10) 7 Prize awarded at an Eisteddfod (5) 9 Walled city in north­ern Eng­land orig­i­nally founded as Eb­o­racum (4) 10 _____ the Bend; 1951 novel by Nevil Shute (5) 11 Study of the his­tory of words (9) 12 Goal­keeper noted for his “save of the century” at the 1970 World Cup (5) 13 Honey-yel­low-coloured fos­silised tree resin used for jew­ellery (5) 14 Mytho­log­i­cal sculp­tor who fell in love with his statue of Galatea, later brought to life by Aphrodite (9) 21 Ba­sic mon­e­tary unit of China (4) 22 Nov­el­ist who wrote Wolf Hall (6) 25 Com­poser who wrote Das Lied von

der Erde ( The Song of the Earth) (6) 27 One of the ar­chi­tects who de­signed the Sains­bury Wing of the Na­tional Gallery in Lon­don (7)

28 The _______; 2008 film star­ring Keira Knight­ley and Ralph Fi­ennes (7) 29 Largest goose in the Anser genus (7) 31 Re­lat­ing to the river flow­ing from the Swiss Alps to the Nether­lands (7) 34 Cas­tle ______; coun­try res­i­dence where the 1981 adap­ta­tion of Eve­lyn Waugh’s Brideshead Re­vis­ited was filmed (6) 36 Cap­i­tal of the prov­ince Gelder­land (6) 38 Name of the sup­port ves­sel on James Cook’s third voy­age (9) 39 Al­mond-flavoured tart fill­ing (10) 40 Lo­ca­tion in Moscow next to the Krem­lin (3,6) 44 Seedling in a tray for plant­ing (4) 45 Au­thor of The Vel­veteen Rab­bit (8) 49 _______ to be pretty; Neil LaBute play (7) 50 For­mer English coin; also radar echo of un­ex­plained ori­gin (5) 51 Coun­ter­foil of a ticket or cheque (5) 53 South­ern con­stel­la­tion near Tu­cana and Pavo (5) 55 Talocru­ral joint of the body (5) 57 Genus of the Eurasian mag­pie (4) 58 1958 Ian Flem­ing novel (2,2)

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