quick takes

Friday - - MIND GAMES -

1 ‘Fi­asco’ is an Ital­ian word for fail­ure, orig­i­nat­ing in which in­dus­try? a Culi­nary b Glass-blow­ing c Ter­razzo tiles d Sun-dried toma­toes

2 Gutta per­cha formed the core of early balls in which sport? a Golf b Cricket c Bowl­ing d Polo

3 On whom did au­thor Harper Lee (pic­tured) base the mem­o­rable char­ac­ter of At­ti­cus Finch in her novel To Kill a Mock­ing­bird?

a Tru­man Capote b Her own fa­ther

c Thur­good Mar­shall

d Clarence Dar­row

4 Around how many years ago did the cock­roach first ap­pear on Earth? a 200,000 b 5 mil­lion c 150 mil­lion d 350 mil­lion

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