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11 English Ro­man­tic artist noted for his treat­ment of light in works such as Chich­ester Canal, The Fight­ing Te­meraire and Rain, Steam and Speed (6) 12 Vene­tian ver­sions of tapas, meze and hors d’oeu­vre, such as arancini, cros­tini, croc­chette, cured meat or ar­ti­choke hearts (9) 13 ____ Grey; ti­tle of the states­man who served as the prime min­is­ter and who was pre­ceded by Arthur Welles­ley, 1st Duke of Welling­ton (4) 14 Veg­etable used to make borscht and com­bined with melted choco­late in some cake and brownie recipes (8) 15 The seed of a tree in the genus Quer­cus, de­picted in the logo of the Na­tional Trust (5) 16 ______ Hind; the galleon in which Sir Fran­cis Drake cir­cum­nav­i­gated the globe be­tween 1577–80 (6) 17 Ca­lyx of a rasp­berry or straw­berry; the main frame of a ship; or a city in East York­shire (4) 18 Scot­tish au­thor who wrote The Re­luc­tant Dragon, The Wind in the Wil­lows and Ber­tie’s Es­capade (7) 19 The long­est con­tin­u­ally serv­ing prime min­is­ter of the UK dur­ing the 20th cen­tury, a record un­sur­passed since Her­bert Henry Asquith (8) 21 In medieval war­fare, the art of scal­ing for­ti­fied walls and ram­parts by means of lad­ders (8) 24 The Char­i­o­teer con­stel­la­tion (6) 26 Man­u­fac­turer of a range of per­for­mance road­wear and co-owner of a race team with Condor Cy­cles (5) 29 Sit­u­ated three miles from Tet­bury in Glouces­ter­shire and con­tain­ing one of the most ex­ten­sive tree col­lec­tions in the world, the UK’s na­tional arboretum (10) 32 Strap for se­cur­ing a sad­dle (5) 33 Short name for a world’s fair (4) 34 Miche­lin ____; hall­mark or sta­tus of fine-dining qual­ity awarded to restau­rants of proven culi­nary skill (4) 35 Mytho­log­i­cal Greek muse of lyric love po­etry, most of­ten de­picted play­ing a lyre (5) 36 Con­stel­la­tion in the Perseus fam­ily/ group with 24 Across (10)

37 Coun­try ex­plored by and doc­u­mented in a cook­ery book by Rick Stein in 2013 (5) 38 Term for a tabloid news­pa­per (3,3) 40 Horse from 12-24 months old (8) 43 Cor­nish town, site of the world’s third-largest deep-wa­ter har­bour (8) 45 Largest of the wild geese na­tive to the UK and Europe (7) 47 Latin word mean­ing “see” (4) 49 Style of straw hat with a flat top and gros­grain rib­bon around the crown (6) 51 An In­spec­tor _____; 1945 mys­tery drama play by JB Pri­est­ley (5) 52 Book town in Powys twinned with Redu and Tim­buktu, site of an an­nual lit­er­ary fes­ti­val since 1988 (3-2-3) 54 Is­land of the In­ner He­brides; also the moun­tain range with the high­est sum­mit Crêt de la Neige, site of the Tran­sjurassi­enne an­nual cross­coun­try ski race (4) 55 Flag with three bands of dif­fer­ent colours, es­pe­cially that of France (9) 56 Also called a pea coat, sailor-style dou­ble-breasted jacket, typ­i­cally of heavy­weight navy cloth (6)


1 Cap­i­tal of the largest US state, named af­ter the miner who dis­cov­ered gold there in 1880 (6) 2 Also known as Asia Mi­nor, the ge­o­graph­i­cal re­gion bounded by the Black Sea, the Aegean and the Mediter­ranean (8) 3 Va­ri­ety of pasta in the form of grains of rice or bar­ley, pre­pared in Greek lamb dishes and Ital­ian mine­strone (4) 4 Con­cave ar­chi­tec­tural mould­ing form­ing the base of an Ionic col­umn (6) 5 Cur­rent head coach of the Eng­land na­tional rugby league team (8) 6 Google ______; a web browser (6) 7 Town in Berk­shire, Eng­land (4) 8 Light­weight cot­ton cloth with a pat­tern of small checks used for some summer school dresses and lids for home­made pre­serves and jams (7) 9 Shade of bluey-green named af­ter a species of dab­bling duck (4) 10 Nov­el­ist who wrote Brighton Rock and The Third Man (6) 18 Olympic gold medal­list at Lon­don 2012 who is Bri­tain’s most suc­cess­ful fe­male rower (8) 19 Princess of the Pic­caninny Tribe in JM Bar­rie’s Peter and Wendy; also a char­ac­ter in Mary Tour­tel’s Ru­pert Bear comic strips (5,4) 20 _______briand; thick fil­let of beef tra­di­tion­ally served with small her­broasted pota­toes, béar­naise sauce and wa­ter­cress (7) 22 Au­thor who won the 2013 Bran­ford Boase Award for his de­but novel for chil­dren A Boy and a Bear in a Boat (7) 23 _________ I; daugh­ter of Henry VIII de­picted in two films star­ring Cate Blanchett (9) 25 _____ Bank; Parisian district, site of the Champs Élysées and the Lou­vre (5) 27 Academy Award-win­ning ac­tress and style icon who starred in Ro­man Hol­i­day, Break­fast at Tif­fany’s and My Fair Lady (7) 28 Chi­nese city, for­merly Muk­den (8) 30 Rare metal­lic el­e­ment in the lan­thanide se­ries, atomic num­ber 65 (7) 31 Brown _____; species of non­mi­gra­tory fish with the bi­no­mial name Salmo trutta (5) 39 Bri­tish sit­com star­ring David Mitchell and Robert Webb (4,4) 41 Ladies in ________; film star­ring Judi Dench and Mag­gie Smith (8) 42 Spe­cial­ity moz­zarella with a cream fill­ing orig­i­nally from the Puglia re­gion of Italy (7) 44 Greek god of the winds (6) 45 Mea­sure equal to 4.55 litres (6) 46 Sec­ond-largest city of Pak­istan (6) 48 Drama­tist who wrote All for Love (6) 50 De­vice for hurl­ing clay pi­geons (4) 51 Counter used in poker (4) 53 Mon­go­lian-style dwelling (4)

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