quick takes

Friday - - Mind Games -

1 Tech­ni­cally flash point refers to the trig­ger­ing of what as­pect of a volatile sub­stance? a Ig­ni­tion b Va­por­i­sa­tion c Ex­plo­sion d Boil­ing

2 Ten­nessee Wil­liam’s fa­mous play A Streetcar Named De­sire is set in which city? a San Fran­cisco b New Or­leans c Philadel­phia d New York

3 What is a ve­loci­pede? a Moon buggy or rover b Ex­tinct fast-mov­ing cater­pil­lar c Bi­cy­cle d Stam­pede of cars

4 Since when has soc­cer been an Olympic event? a 1900 b 1964 c 2000 d 2004

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