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1 Parisian stu­dio and plein air artist who was a reg­u­lar Sa­lon ex­hibitor noted for works such as Le De­je­uner sur l’Herbe, Olympia, The Races at

Longchamp and A Bar at the FoliesBergère (5) 4 _________ Park; site in the Buck­ing­hamshire countryside where Nazi se­cret ci­pher was bro­ken by MI6 code-break­ers dur­ing the Sec­ond WorldWar with Enigma ma­chines (9) 9 Bean-like seeds of an evergreen trop­i­cal tree, farmed and pro­cessed by en­trepreneur and chocolatier Wil­lie Har­court-Cooze (5) 12 One of the Ca­nary Is­lands, site at its high­est point of Roque de los Mucha­chos of an astro­nom­i­cal observatory (2,5) 13 King of Nor­way from 1957 un­til his death in 1991 (4,1) 14 Minia­ture sweet or savoury quiche or flan served as a canapé (7) 15 Spe­cial­ist branch of med­i­cal science con­cerned with the anatomy, func­tions and treat­ment of disor­ders of the ner­vous sys­tem (9) 16 Small buck­wheat pan­cake tra­di­tion­ally served with sour cream, smoked sal­mon and/or caviar (5) 17 Cap­i­tal of the Hashemite King­dom of Jor­dan (5) 18 Mem­ber of a sys­tem of hon­ours com­pris­ing the ranks of duke, mar­quess, earl, vis­count and baron (4) 19 Drama­tist from the For­est of Dean whose tele­vi­sion plays in­clude Pen­nies from Heaven, Blue Re­mem­bered Hills, The Sing­ing De­tec­tive, Lip­stick on Your Col­lar and Cold Lazarus (6)

21 Com­man­der of the Apollo 11 mis­sion who in 1969 be­came the first person to walk on the Moon (9)

24 Con­ser­va­tion­ist and au­thor who founded a wildlife trust and wrote the book My Fam­ily and Other An­i­mals, based on his life in Corfu (7) 26 French word for Tues­day (5) 28 Land­locked coun­try bor­dered by the Czech Repub­lic, Ger­many, Hun­gary, Italy, Liecht­en­stein, Slo­vakia, Slove­nia and Switzer­land (7)

30 Moun­tain nymph such as Echo (5)

31 _________ nisus; Latin or bi­no­mial name of the Eurasian spar­rowhawk (9) 33 Swiss dish of well-sea­soned coarsely grated drained pota­toes, formed into a patty and fried un­til crisp and golden (5) 34 Earth’s most di­verse or­gan­isms, rep­re­sent­ing around 80 per cent of our over­all species (7) 36 Ba­sic mone­tary units of Cam­bo­dia equal to 100 sen (5) 38 Half-brother to Sir Wal­ter Raleigh and cousin to Sir Fran­cis Drake who claimed New­found­land for El­iz­a­beth I in 1583 but was lost when his ship sank in a storm on the way home (7) 39 Char­ac­ter por­trayed by Una Stubbs in the tele­vi­sion adap­ta­tion of Barbara Euphan Todd’s Worzel Gum­midge sto­ries (4,5) 42 Another term for Ox­ford Univer­sity’s clas­sics course Lit­erae hu­man­iores (6) 43 Sym­bol in the cen­tre of the na­tional flag of Viet­nam (4) 46 _____ Shel­ter; song by The Rolling Stones on their al­bum with a cover fea­tur­ing a pic­ture of a cake baked and dec­o­rated by Delia Smith (5) 47 Zim­bab­wean na­tion­al­ist who formed the Pa­tri­otic Front with Robert Mu­gabe in 1976 (5) 48 Blueish-green min­eral that is the na­tional gem­stone of Iran (9) 51 Painter noted for his de­pic­tions of starry skies, sun­flow­ers, cy­press trees, irises and wheat­fields (3,4) 52 _____-les-Bains; town in north­ern Provençe where Vic­tor Hugo’s novel

Les Misérables be­gins (5)

53 Luncheon of the _______ Party; paint­ing by Pierre-Au­guste Renoir (7)

54 City of eastern Bel­gium, birth­place of Charle­magne (5)

55 Long-run­ning chat show named af­ter the York­shire­man who hosted it (9)

56 The most bank­able celebri­ties (1-4)


1 Gourd fruit of­ten paired with cured meat and used in dishes such as sor­bet and granita (5)

2 Most dis­tant planet from the Sun (7) 3 Ex­tinct breed of hunt­ing dog (6) 4 Juliet _____; 1980s BBC crime drama (5)

5 Bi­o­log­i­cal com­mu­nity of liv­ing or­gan­isms and their en­vi­ron­ment (9)

6 _______ of Se­crets; lo­ca­tion in­hab­ited by a basilisk in Harry Pot­ter sto­ries (7)

7 Plant with flow­ers sur­rounded by bracts giv­ing a hazy ap­pear­ance,

Nigella dam­a­s­cena (Miss Jekyll) (4-2-1-4) 8 Rare-earth el­e­ment, atomic no 39 (7) 9 Nov­el­ist who wrote Don Quixote (9) 10 The cap­i­tal of Sri Lanka (7) 11 Folk-rock singer-song­writer whose al­bums in­clude Day­breaker, Com­fort of

Strangers and Su­gar­ing Sea­son (5) 18 The cap­i­tal of Mon­tene­gro (9) 20 Scene of Joan of Arc’s first vic­tory (7) 22 2000 film star­ring Rus­sell Crowe (9) 23 Mal­leable metal, sym­bol Pb (4) 25 Co­ral ridges or gold-bear­ing lodes (5) 27 Cur­rency of In­dia, In­done­sia, Mal­dives, Mau­ri­tius, Nepal, Pak­istan, Sey­chelles and Sri Lanka (5)

28 It’ll be _______ on the Night; blooper show hosted by De­nis Nor­den and later Griff Rhys Jones (7)

29 Cider with _____; Lau­rie Lee book (5) 32 Mix­ture of finely-ground spices in­clud­ing chill­ies, co­rian­der, cumin, fenu­greek, ginger and turmeric (5,6) 33 A ba­sic pat­tern in drum­ming (4) 35 Pot for slow cook­ing in an oven (9) 37 Climb­ing plants with del­i­cate, pastel­coloured fra­grant flow­ers (5,4) 40 Person (not the owner) in whose name stocks and shares are reg­is­tered (7) 41 In cricket, a short-pitched ball, rel­a­tively easy to hit (4,3) 42 The first Hanove­rian king (6,1) 44 Cap­i­tal of the coun­try Ge­or­gia (7) 45 Coun­try on the north­ern coast of South Amer­ica (6) 46 Auc­tion­eer’s mal­let (5) 49 Nightin­gale-like bird but smaller (5) 50 Num­ber of sides of an oc­tagon (5)

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