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9 French painter, sculp­tor and mas­ter of mod­ern art whose cut-outs, in­clud­ing The Snail and The Sheaf, are cur­rently fea­tur­ing in an ex­hi­bi­tion at Tate Mod­ern (7)

10 Con­ser­va­tive politi­cian, once Mar­garet Thatcher’s chief of staff, who wrote the Fran­cis Urquhart tril­ogy of nov­els com­pris­ing House

of Cards, To Play the King and The Fi­nal Cut (5)

11 _____ layer; re­gion of the strato­sphere that ab­sorbs most of the sun’s ul­tra­vi­o­let ra­di­a­tion (5) 13 Latin name for Eng­land (6) 14 One of the ten­dons at the back of the thigh con­tracted by three pos­te­rior mus­cles, which serve to bend the knee and ex­tend the hip (9)

15 A set of ta­bles in grad­u­ated sizes, or a re­cep­ta­cle made of meringue or fried match­stick pota­toes in which food is served (4)

16 First note on a scale pro­vid­ing the key­note of a piece of mu­sic (5)

17 In Gothic ar­chi­tec­ture, an el­e­ment in the form of a bud or curled leaf used to dec­o­rate an arch, pin­na­cle or spire (7)

20 Bom­bay _______ Club; in­die rock band from Lon­don whose al­bums in­clude I Had the Blues But I Shook

Them Loose and So Long, See You To­mor­row (7) 23 Com­pris­ing ap­prox­i­mately 6 per cent of our to­tal global bio­di­ver­sity and di­vided among three coun­tries, the third-largest is­land in the world (6) 25 Ap­ple, pear, quince or other fruit tree grown flat against a wall or trel­lis of the same name, pop­u­lar in kitchen gar­dens (8) 26 Aqualung used by skin-divers (5) 30 Chem­i­cal el­e­ment used in py­rotech­nics, atomic num­ber 12; also an es­sen­tial nu­tri­ent for a diet, found in raw spinach, nuts and seeds (9) 33 The greater weight on one side of a bowl­ing ball; or the di­rec­tion di­ag­o­nal to the grain of a fab­ric (4) 34 A river, a rain­for­est, one of a na­tion of mytho­log­i­cal Greek war­riors or a par­rot with typ­i­cally green plumage (6)

36 Sea­side resort in Morocco that was com­pletely re­built fol­low­ing an earth­quake in 1960 (6)

37 Cen­tral char­ac­ter in a se­ries of nov­els by Lucy Maud Mont­gomery (4)

38 Vic­to­rian wa­ter­colour painter whose works in­clude The Saucer of Milk, Spring in the Oak­wood, Fox­gloves, In a Sum­mer

Gar­den and Study of Leeks (9) 40 Va­ri­ety of In­dian black tea used in English Break­fast blends (5) 41 Nick­name for ta­ble ten­nis de­rived from a trade­mark (4-4) 43 El­e­ment used as an elec­tri­cal con­duc­tor and in some al­loys, atomic num­ber 29; one of the ear­li­est met­als used by hu­mans (6) 46 Hor­i­zon­tal beam on slop­ing legs used in pairs to sup­port a ta­ble top (7) 49 In­stru­ments in an or­ches­tra com­pris­ing cel­los, dou­ble basses, vi­o­lins and vi­o­las col­lec­tively (7) 50 Shal­low fur­row in which veg­etable seeds and bulbs are planted (5) 54 Masala ____; In­dian bev­er­age of warm milky tea flavoured with pep­per­corns, car­damom pods, fen­nel seeds, cin­na­mon, gin­ger and sugar (4) 55 _________ Sonata; com­mon name of Beethoven’s com­po­si­tion ded­i­cated to Count­ess Giulietta Guic­cia­rdi (9) 58 Any one of the ac­co­lades awarded an­nu­ally by the Na­tional Academy of Record­ing Arts and Sciences (6) 59 _____ Betty; a large type of earth­en­ware teapot; also a dessert sim­i­lar to ap­ple crum­ble (5) 60 Tra­di­tional gem for a 30th wed­ding an­niver­sary (5) 61 Pro­tein found in the con­nec­tive tis­sues of skin, artery walls and lungs (7)


1 The Black ________; first ti­tle in a se­ries of books byWal­ter Far­ley (8) 2 Fore­name of the drama­tist and wit who said: “I am so clever that some­times I don’t un­der­stand a sin­gle word of what I am say­ing.” (5) 3 Ma­rine fish re­lated to leafy sea dragons, genus Hip­pocam­pus (3,5) 4 First of two names that make up the Cock­ney rhyming slang for “be­lieve” (4) 5 _ ___ of a Do; book by David Nobbs (1,3)

6 Savoury jelly used for pâté and ter­rine (5)

7 No­bel Prize-win­ning bio­chemist who used crys­tal­log­ra­phy to de­ter­mine the struc­tures of peni­cillin, vi­ta­min B12 and in­sulin (7) 8 Pur­pose-built row­ing lake in Eton (6) 9 Fruit used to make chut­ney (5) 12 Self-Portrait with Dark Felt Hat at the _____; paint­ing by Vin­cent van Gogh (5) 18 One of the suits in a tarot pack (4) 19 Ob­long prof­ite­role-like pas­try (6) 21 Noble­woman whose death was be­lieved to have been or­ches­trated by her hus­band, Robert Dud­ley, so he was free to marry El­iz­a­beth I (7)

22 As­tronomer who pre­dicted the ex­is­tence of an eighth planet (6) 24 Hes­perid­ium berry fruits (7) 27 Ac­tor due to star in Bond 24 (5) 28 Fab­ric of coloured silks, of­ten in­ter­wo­ven with gold or sil­ver threads (7)

29 The __ _____ Code; Dan Brown novel (2,5) 31 1928 novel by An­dré Bre­ton (5) 32 Greek muse of astron­omy (6) 35 Chess piece in the form of a horse’s head (6) 39 In­dian word for a cau­li­flower (4)

42 The __ ______; one of PG Wode­house’s Bland­ings Cas­tle short sto­ries (2-6) 44 Ca­lyx and corolla col­lec­tively (8) 45 Cy­clist who set a women’s world record when she ped­alled al­most 30,000 miles around the UK in 1938 (7) 47 2006 sin­gle by Amy Wine­house (5)

48 Miss ______; mu­si­cal based on Puc­cini’s Madama But­ter­fly (6) 51 Fruit eaten, pre­served in Moroc­can dishes in­clud­ing cher­moula (5) 52 Mag­ni­fy­ing glass used by horol­o­gists and jewellers (5) 53 An­cient Celtic al­pha­bet (5) 56 Au­thor of The Scroobi­ous Pip (4) 57 The fe­male of fer­ret (4)

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