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“Man­age your ex­pec­ta­tions and limit the time you spend on tasks,” says Ben­jamin. It can be hard when you’re work­ing for a large or­gan­i­sa­tion with strict rou­tines, but take a step back and get real about what you can achieve. Rene­go­ti­ate dead­lines if you’re strug­gling to meet them, and be re­al­is­tic. “If you’re anx­ious and stress­ing about com­plet­ing all of your tasks, then it’s time to se­ri­ously start think­ing about im­ple­ment­ing a solid and re­al­is­tic time-man­age­ment ac­tion­plan,” Ben­jamin in­sists. “Get hon­est with your­self! Many of my clients come to me with stress­re­lated is­sues that they al­ready know the cause of and have sim­ply failed to ad­dress.”

‘Stop drink­ing cof­fee! Stressed peo­ple tend to de­pend on cof­fee for en­ergy but it’s a trick’

Th­ese peo­ple trig­ger a child­like re­ac­tion deep within us, so it’s help­ful to find a way to see them in a more pos­i­tive light. “Find some­thing about them you can like and re­spect. Do they dress well? Do they support a char­ity? See them in a pos­i­tive light and see how things change.” Marc sug­gests we take a look around our of­fice and spot one or two col­leagues who seem not to be af­fected by stress. “What is it they are do­ing (or not do­ing!) that seems to keep them calm and in con­trol? Follow their ex­am­ple.”

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