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En­ter­ing any work­place can be akin to en­ter­ing a zoo, ac­cord­ing to writer, pre­sen­ter and blog­ger Rosie O’Car­roll (miss­clut­ter­mon­ “When you walk through the of­fice door, you’ll see all kinds of colour­ful types hol­ler­ing and squawk­ing and try­ing to be king of the jun­gle. Work can be stress­ful, es­pe­cially if you see your­self as par­tic­u­larly low down in the food chain.“

Rosie says that vi­su­al­i­sa­tion is an ideal way to deal with in­tim­i­dat­ing or an­noy­ing col­leagues at work. “If you have a lion-like boss imag­ine them as a smaller and weaker creature, for ex­am­ple a mouse. Imag­ine them shrink­ing down un­til they are a small speck on the floor. Now change the im­age you have of your­self, and pic­ture your­self as a gi­ant cat. Now who’s afraid?”

This tech­nique also works for fear of speak­ing in meet­ings, or pre­sen­ta­tions. Try pic­tur­ing your au­di­ence as a bunch of cheeky mon­keys, jumping up and down and throw­ing ba­nanas. “When it’s your turn to speak, imag­ine your­self as the big­gest fat­test go­rilla in the jun­gle – think King Kong on a bad day. By see­ing your­self as a large pow­er­ful pres­ence, the fear of ad­dress­ing an un­ruly au­di­ence should di­min­ish.”

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