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the day with a brief pos­i­tive re­flec­tion about even small suc­cesses re­sulted in in­di­vid­u­als ex­pe­ri­enc­ing sig­nif­i­cantly less stress the same evening and sub­se­quently feel­ing more re­freshed and en­er­gised the fol­low­ing day,” says An­gela. “Do­ing this in a team en­sures that, how­ever stress­ful it is, the work­ing day ends on a pos­i­tive note.” So re­flect on your day and pick out a high­light. Re­mem­ber why you do what you do. “Tak­ing time out to re­mind our­selves of our sense of pur­pose can help to re­gain per­spec­tive and mo­ti­va­tion in the face of short-term stresses.” Com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills coach and worl­drenowned au­thor Marc Le­mezma (speech­ be­lieves that chang­ing your re­la­tion­ship with the peo­ple that cause your stress is an ef­fec­tive way of cop­ing at work. “Ask your­self, who is the per­son at work that causes you stress? It will be the one who al­ways asks the awk­ward ques­tions at pre­sen­ta­tions, or seems to have all the an­swers at meet­ings. They’ll be the per­son who makes your heart jump ev­ery time you see their name pop in to your In­box.”

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