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The PASM bit of kit is com­bined with 265/35 tyres at the back on 20in wheels, but there’s still that pe­cu­liar Cay­man/Boxster char­ac­ter­is­tic of four-wheel drift­ing when it loses grip. A Cay­man doesn’t ac­tu­ally lose grip, but on sandy or dirty roads the car will four-wheel un­der­steer. Bit scary, that...

How­ever, to be per­fectly clear, this is not an un­der­steer­ing car. In fact, for a road car it’s so nat­u­rally bal­anced that the way you drive it en­tirely dic­tates its han­dling pre­tence. Through fast cor­ners, for me, there is the typ­i­cal mid-en­gined worry of it slid­ing away from un­der­neath you as you feel the cen­tre of bal­ance right there up your tush, but it never does, and through slower cor­ners it’s wholly de­pen­dent on your use of the brake and throt­tle pedal. Whether it washes wide or tucks in is all on you.

The steer­ing is so quick and di­rect, it’s hardly a fea­ture. It’s just there, and it’s near per­fect for an elec­tric sys­tem and it makes the car turn. That’s it. The light un­loaded front end makes the won­der­ful, thin­rimmed and rel­a­tively large-di­am­e­ter ( just how it should be) wheel quiver in your hands to the tune of the blem­ished road. A sur­face might look flat, but it never is, and the Cay­man GTS susses out ev­ery dip and dim­ple. I would have liked a few hun­dred more revs, just to get it closer to that manic ex­pe­ri­ence you get in a GT3, which leaves you in dis­be­lief the first time you near its 9,000rpm limit. Pre­mo­ni­tion and years of con­di­tion­ing tell you to shift at 7,400rpm, like you do at the Cay­man GTS’s power peak, but the GT3’s flat-six has way more in store, and the re­ally good stuff is there, where at first you daren’t look, right at the edge of the thin red line. This GTS is miss­ing that, the last 500 revs where you’ll find your dis­be­lief. Great en­gine, metal­lic and me­chan­i­cal, but even with a bit of ex­tra power here,

The car is so nat­u­ally bal­anced that the way you drive it dic­tates its han­dling pre­tence

it just does what you ex­pect it to do. Some­thing tells me Porsche might have more in store, like it’s busy pol­ish­ing some ‘R’ badges.

I can’t re­ally fault this car, es­pe­cially not at Dh258,400 (base). Then again, when I drove it in Por­tu­gal I couldn’t re­ally fault the Dh205,000-base Cay­man ei­ther. Cay­man GTS – it’s just a name. Don’t read too much into it. It’s just a Cay­man S+. And they couldn’t ex­actly call it the SS.

six-cyl Trans­mis­sion Seven-speed auto, RWD Cay­man GTS


340bhp @ 7,400rpm Max torque 380Nm @ 4,750rpm 283kph 4.6sec Dh312,000 (as tested) Highs Pretty per­fect sportscar Lows You’re fine with the S,or even non-S As gor­geous as this is, could Porsche have more in store?

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