Google’s Eric Sch­midt runs acom­pa­ny­worth­more than $390 bil­lion with 45,000 staff. He’s also just writ­ten a man­ual for em­ploy­ers. So, Will Pavia asks, would you give­mea job?

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Take off your tie,” says Eric Sch­midt. The ex­ec­u­tive chair­man of Google pre­sides at the head of a ta­ble in a glass meet­ing room. It is a small room and I have to squeeze past his chair to en­ter. He is tie-less; his top but­ton is un­done; his col­lar is open for business.

A lean, bald­ing gen­tle­man named Jonathan Rosenberg is hunched next to Sch­midt and two Googlers sit like sen­tries in the cor­ners of the room. They say lit­tle, although I ex­pect they are both Rhodes Schol­ars, if not Nobel can­di­dates.

I had ar­rived at Google’s New York HQ in the clean­est suit I could find, as­cend­ing to the sec­ond floor of a ware­house build­ing in Lower Man­hat­tan and greet­ing a hu­man re­cep­tion­ist, who re­ferred me to a ma­chine by her desk. The ma­chine told me to en­ter the name of the em­ployee I had come to see. When I searched for Eric Sch­midt, the screen filled with Eric Sch­midts. There seemed to be a full page of search re­sults, though he was at the top of the list, the first among Eric Sch­midts. There was just time to pon­der this, and won­der if Google was op­er­at­ing a se­cre­tive Eric Sch­midt cloning pro­gramme, when a man came to fetch me. “Will? I’m Will,” he said. Mul­ti­ple Eric Sch­midts and now mul­ti­ple Wills. My Googlegänger (my dop­pel­go­ogler?), was the sort of Will I would like to be – a taller, smarter Will. “How are you to­day?” he said, as he led the way into the heart of the Google­plex, through a gleam­ing kitchen, down a flight of stairs be­side an in­door climb­ing wall and on through a vast open-plan of­fice.

Sch­midt and Rosenberg, a long­time man­ager at Google, have

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