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20 – APR 19

Tues­day’s en­counter be­tween the Sun and prac­ti­cal Saturn force you to gather hard facts, or jus­tify your ideas to those in a po­si­tion of power. It might be an­noy­ing, but the re­sult­ing in­ves­ti­ga­tion will help re­view plans you thought were fixed.


20 – MAY 20

Your feel­ings about both un­wel­come changes and is­sues in­volv­ing those clos­est cli­maxed around the Taurus Full Moon, on the 6th, and con­tinue to up­set you. Ac­cept th­ese changes as in­evitable and you’ll be at peace.


MAY 21 – JUN 20

In­stead of avoid­ing var­i­ous te­dious obli­ga­tions, dive in. You’ll be amazed how in­for­ma­tive they’ll prove to be. If you invest time and thought in th­ese now and next month, your mood and cir­cum­stances them­selves will im­prove re­mark­ably.


21 – JUL 21

You’re un­happy about changes and the fact that you have to re­think cer­tain long­stand­ing ar­range­ments. Dis­cuss th­ese con­cerns frankly. What you learn will not only trans­form your think­ing but im­prove the sit­u­a­tions in ques­tion as well.


JUL 22 – AUG 22

Since early Novem­ber you’ve been avoid­ing changes. Once ac­cepted, you’ll ex­change those doubts for the recog­ni­tion that those wor­ry­ing changes aren’t just nec­es­sary, they’d ac­tu­ally be of ben­e­fit to you.


23 – SEP 22

While or­di­nar­ily you could live with con­flicts, press­ing de­ci­sions re­quire you find a so­lu­tion. For now, fo­cus on find­ing common ground, enough to make in­creas­ingly press­ing plans. Once they’re or­gan­ised, you can fo­cus on the de­tails.


23 – OCT 22

You’ve un­wit­tingly ig­nored vi­tal ideas or of­fers and must now catch up with them swiftly. This leaves you lit­tle time for ques­tions or re­flec­tion. Ac­cept this fact and in­stead of wor­ry­ing, you’ll fo­cus on each day’s events as they oc­cur.


23 – NOV 21

You’re be­ing forced to go along with changes you ques­tion. Wor­ry­ing as they seem, you need to ac­cept th­ese changes. Iron­i­cally, once you un­der­take them, you’ll re­alise how timely they are.


NOV 22 – DEC 20

With next Satur­day’s Sagittarius New Moon both cast­ing ex­ist­ing plans in a dif­fer­ent light and ush­er­ing in fresh ideas or of­fers, there will be nu­mer­ous ex­cit­ing new op­tions to con­sider. The more flex­i­ble your ar­range­ments are, the bet­ter.


21 – JAN 19

Novem­ber’s pow­er­ful plan­e­tary ac­tiv­ity in­volv­ing Saturn and Pluto, leaves you lit­tle time for thought. Un­fair and, at times, wor­ry­ing as on­go­ing en­forced changes have been, you’re fi­nally recog­nis­ing that they’re in your best in­ter­ests.


20 – FEB 17

Your re­ac­tion to the un­ex­pected changes you’re fac­ing hasn’t ex­actly been en­thu­si­as­tic. Yet what you’ve learned when ex­plor­ing th­ese has been ex­cit­ing. Enough you’re now en­cour­ag­ing oth­ers to join in.


FEB 18 – MAR 19

Oth­ers may be in a hurry to turn ideas into last­ing ar­range­ments. But your instincts tell you that plans should be flex­i­ble. They’re right. Waste no time on fruit­less ex­pla­na­tions. In­stead en­sure that ev­ery­thing you de­vise is flex­i­ble.

Shel­ley von Strunckel, one of the world’s top as­trologers, writes a weekly fore­cast for Fri­day.

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