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Each of th­ese is a quiz ques­tion in its own right, but the an­swers con­nect to a common theme, which could be any­thing from plumb straight­for­ward to bizarrely lat­eral


2 Which bird that was sent out from Noah’s Ark to see if the flood had abated re­turned bear­ing an olive branch? A two-headed ver­sion of which bird ap­pears on the cur­rent and his­tor­i­cal arms and flags of many coun­tries and ter­ri­to­ries, in­clud­ing Al­ba­nia, Ar­me­nia, Aus­tri­aHun­gary, Byzan­tine Em­pire, Ger­man Con­fed­er­a­tion, Holy Ro­man Em­pire, King­dom of Mysore, Rus­sian Em­pire, Rus­sian Fed­er­a­tion,


4 Ser­bia, Ser­bian Em­pire and Span­ish Em­pire? Which ter­res­trial king­fisher na­tive to Aus­tralia some­times goes by the name ‘laugh­ing jack­ass’? In the Harry Pot­ter books what species of bird are Er­rol, Her­mes,

5 Pig­wid­geon, and Hed­wig? Ac­cord­ing to a say­ing “One _______ does not a sum­mer make”, and ac­cord­ing to Grou­cho Marx “One _______ does not a sup­per make”. Which word fits ei­ther blank?

mas­cots Olympic been ever have that birds only the are They link The Swal­low 5

Owl 4 Kook­aburra 3 Ea­gle 2 Dove 1 An­swers

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