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Time to chal­lenge your­self.

Across 10 Nov­el­ist noted for sto­ries in­clud­ing TheWo­man in White, The Moon­stone, Man and Wife, Poor Miss Finch and

The Law and the Lady (7) 11 Tart pulpy sub­stance of a pod-like trop­i­cal fruit used as one of the key flavour­ings in­Worces­ter­shire sauce and HP Sauce (8) 12 Ba­sic mon­e­tary unit of the coun­try with the largest city São Paulo, equal to 100 cen­tavos (4) 14 Arena in which horses and rid­ers are schooled, typ­i­cally with let­ters mark­ing the outer edge and cen­tre line for dres­sage (6) 15 In cam­panol­ogy, a sys­tem of chang­ering­ing us­ing seven bells (7) 16 The fourth ______; id­iomatic term at­trib­uted to Ed­mund Burke for jour­nal­ism, the press and news me­dia col­lec­tively (6)

17 The Blind ________; novel by Mar­garet At­wood which earned her the Booker Prize for Fic­tion in 2000 (8) 19 David Hem­ple­man- _____; Bri­tish ad­ven­turer who in 2003 suc­ceeded in be­com­ing the first per­son to walk solo to the ge­o­mag­netic North Pole (5) 21 Late hus­band of Nanette New­man who di­rected films in­clud­ing Whis­tle Down the Wind, The Step­ford Wives and In­ter­na­tional Vel­vet (6)

22 Gas gi­ant with the Galilean moons Io, Europa, Ganymede and Cal­listo; one of the bright­est ob­jects in the night sky (7)

24 Once known in­for­mally as the 20-minute city, the cap­i­tal of South Aus­tralia (8)

26 Herb used to flavour gnoc­chi/ tagli­atelle with le­mon-, but­ter- or cream-based sauces (4)

29 Nov­el­ist who wrote the Em­pire tril­ogy con­sist­ing of Trou­bles, The Siege of

Kr­ish­na­pur and The Sin­ga­pore Grip (7)

30 _____ signs; clin­i­cal mea­sure­ments (specif­i­cally pulse, tem­per­a­ture, res­pi­ra­tion rate and blood pres­sure) used to as­sess a per­son’s health (5)

31 English physi­cist who dis­cov­ered the first law of ther­mo­dy­nam­ics (5)

36 Lo­cated at 12,002 ft above sea level, the cap­i­tal of Ti­bet (5)

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