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You need to ei­ther re­solve re­cent is­sues or for­get them. This way, when your ruler Mars’ pow­er­ful as­pect to the boun­ti­ful Jupiter trig­gers po­ten­tially re­ward­ing ideas and en­coun­ters, you’re able to fo­cus on what’s com­ing your way.


20 – MAY 20

The dis­ap­point­ing be­hav­iour of oth­ers may be up­set­ting, but it isn’t as im­por­tant as it seems. This be­comes clear later in the week, when your ruler Venus moves to ac­cent the struc­ture of your life, shift­ing your fo­cus to ac­tiv­i­ties at home and out in the world.


MAY 21 – JUN 20

To your re­lief, you’ve dealt with nu­mer­ous prac­ti­cal­i­ties. You’ll get a much-needed break, but not un­til your ruler Mer­cury moves to ac­cent in­trigu­ing ideas and ways you can broaden your hori­zons, on Jan­uary 5.


21 – JUL 21

It may not be un­til you’re look­ing back on this week that you’ll re­alise ap­par­ent set­backs were de­clut­ter­ing your life. Let­ting go is chal­leng­ing but the Can­cer Full Moon on Jan­uary 5 brings mat­ters to a head.


JUL 22 – AUG 22

Be­ing told what to do ir­ri­tates you, yet deep down you know changes in­volv­ing your work or well-be­ing are vi­tal. Rather than waste time ar­gu­ing about de­tails, plunge in and you’ll end the week on a high.


23 – SEP 22

Most sit­u­a­tions you’re deal­ing with will defy logic. Ac­knowl­edge that and you’ll for­get about anal­y­sis and rely on what you sense. This may seem out of character, but your instincts are amaz­ing and lead you to make changes you’ve put off for too long. With foun­da­tions con­tin­u­ing to shift un­til the Full Moon on Jan­uary 5, the far-reach­ing vi­sion for the fu­ture you seek just isn’t pos­si­ble, at least for the time be­ing. Tak­ing life one day at a time is an art, one you’d profit from adopt­ing now.


23 – NOV 21

This is a week of un­do­ing past ar­range­ments, and in many cases end­ing un­prof­itable al­liances. While this won’t nec­es­sar­ily be easy, the process of de­clut­ter­ing your life and your think­ing is es­sen­tial. Aim to do this be­fore the Sun en­coun­ters your ruler Pluto on Jan­uary 3.


NOV 22 – DEC 20

Judg­ing by Thurs­day’s po­tent clash be­tween Mars and your ruler Jupiter, there are ques­tions you need to ask. Know­ing that, if you must make plans, en­sure they’re loose enough to al­ter as your cir­cum­stances evolve.


21 – JAN 19

No mat­ter how clear your vi­sion for the fu­ture, be pre­pared for an in-depth re­view. This has al­ready be­gun but cli­maxes on Jan­uary 5, when the Sun meets Pluto and brings a range of mat­ters to a head.


20 – FEB 17

Watch­ing parts of your life re­or­gan­ise them­selves may be un­set­tling. Still, instincts tell you th­ese changes are in your best in­ter­ests. You’ll get a clear sense of things around the Aquarius New Moon on Jan­uary 20.


FEB 18 – MAR 19

It may seem cold, but you’re urged to think care­fully about those to whom you lend a hand. Every­body’s fac­ing dra­matic change, in­clud­ing you. Get too in­volved in oth­ers’ cir­cum­stances and you could find you can’t fo­cus on won­der­ful ideas com­ing your way.

Shel­ley von Strunckel, one of the world’s top as­trologers, writes a weekly fore­cast for Fri­day.

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