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Skater lunge

Stand with your feet shoul­der-width apart, then take a big step back with your left leg and cross it di­ag­o­nally be­hind the right leg.

Hold for a sec­ond then re­turn to start­ing po­si­tion and do the same with your right leg.

En­sure you keep your head up, shoul­ders back and core drawn in through­out the move­ment. Plié squat

Stand hold­ing the back of a chair with one hand and place your feet in a V po­si­tion, with your toes about 10cm apart and heels to­gether.

Bend your knees then lift your heels a few cen­time­tres off the floor.

Squat down as far as com­fort­able, re­turn to start po­si­tion and re­peat, puls­ing up and down. Side leg lifts

Lie on your right side with your up­per body sup­ported by the right el­bow and tri­cep, your leg and hips stacked, then bend your right leg and straighten your left.

Lift your left leg as high as com­fort­able and lower gen­tly.

Re­turn to start­ing po­si­tion and re­peat on the other side.

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