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Friday - - Mind Games -

1 Who was the first In­dian woman to scale the high­est peak on all con­ti­nents? a Bachen­dri Pal b Prem­lata Agar­wal c Gur­mayum Anita Devi

d Kalpana Dash 2 Which coun­try con­tin­ued to have a tsar even after the Rus­sian Revo­lu­tion? a Moldova b Al­ba­nia c Bul­garia d Poland 3 Ithaca in cen­tral New York State is home to which Ivy League univer­sity? a Yale b Har­vard c Prince­ton d Cor­nell 4 Which mar­su­pial is the odd one out and why?

a Kan­ga­roo bWom­bat c Opos­sum d Tas­ma­nian Devil

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