I hope Will’s fam­ily will one day know the an­swer about what hap­pened to him. We will keep you up to date. Karen, Ed­i­tor

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After read­ing ‘Miss­ing’ (Jan­uary 16), the story of Will, a 28-year-old young man who went miss­ing from a boat in 2010, I kept think­ing about what his fam­ily must be go­ing through.

Even after four years of search­ing, there is no clo­sure for them as there’s no in­for­ma­tion on his where­abouts. They don’t know whether they should ac­cept that he is most likely dead and move on, or con­tinue to hope for a mir­a­cle where one day he walks into their lives like in the movies.

This state of limbo must be quite painful as it does not al­low them to heal. I hope they find an an­swer soon and are able to move on.

Ioften feel that men­tal health prob­lems such as de­pres­sion are due to the iso­lated lives that we lead and, of course, tech­nol­ogy. In our sin­gle-minded pur­suit of ma­te­rial suc­cess (‘Mak­ing a swing and dance about de­pres­sion’, Jan­uary 16), we not only tend to take our re­la­tion­ships for granted but be­gin to be­lieve that by post­ing com­ments and pic­tures on var­i­ous so­cial net­work­ing sites we are do­ing our bit to ‘stay in touch’, not re­al­is­ing that we are in fact grow­ing fur­ther apart from those who mat­ter to us.

So when I read the ar­ti­cle, I re­alised the rel­e­vance of hon­est, open com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Quite of­ten that is all we need to clear the cob­webs in our heads and find a way out from the dark tun­nel of mor­bid thoughts.

De­pres­sion is a se­ri­ous men­tal health disorder. How­ever, it can be pre­vented and con­trolled with res­o­lute de­ter­mi­na­tion, steely willpower, op­ti­mism and mak­ing some changes in one’s life­style.

No mat­ter your age, the real test in over­com­ing de­pres­sion is im­ple­ment­ing the changes in an ap­pro­pri­ate man­ner. Along with diet, ex­er­cise, sleep, and work­ing on im­por­tant re­la­tion­ships, one should try to do good for oth­ers as I be­lieve there is a cer­tain sense of ful­fil­ment in the act of giv­ing and car­ing. It gives pur­pose to our lives, in­spires and mo­ti­vates pos­i­tively, and so helps to keep de­pres­sion at bay.

The ar­ti­cle was very thought­pro­vok­ing and Fri­day is truly a class apart.

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