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Hats off to Eleena and Anindita, two In­dian women who did not care about how so­ci­ety would judge them for hav­ing ba­bies us­ing IVF (‘In­dia’s sin­gle IVF mums’, Jan­uary 30).

Be­long­ing to a cul­ture where usu­ally ev­ery ‘re­spectable’ woman should be mar­ried be­fore she be­comes a mother, th­ese two women prove that it is in fact not nec­es­sary.

I was also im­pressed that the par­ents of both th­ese women were so sup­port­ive. Loved the story!

While read­ing the fea­ture ‘How to re­gret-proof your life’ (Jan­uary 30), I re­alised how vi­tal it is to pur­sue our pas­sions. If we don’t give them pri­or­ity we are left with bit­ter­ness that can turn us into cyn­i­cal peo­ple with­out drive to achieve our po­ten­tial. Of­ten, as the ex­perts stated, we blame a per­son or cir­cum­stances for not chas­ing our

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