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In plain English As long as you have a soul­mate by your side, there is noth­ing life can throw at you that can get you down. Ori­gins An an­cient Mid­dle East proverb. It might be true Prob­a­bly any­one with love in their life will agree that it makes ev­ery­thing seem a lit­tle bet­ter. But more than that, says Jared Alden, it could re­sult in greater suc­cess and achieve­ments.

“I’d say this proverb can be in­ter­preted to mean that if you have love in your heart, the world be­comes more agree­able,” he says. “Es­sen­tially, if you have a pos­i­tive men­tal at­ti­tude, good things hap­pen to you. This is some­thing I al­ways ad­vise clients. Be­ing pos­i­tive is the best way to make pos­i­tive things hap­pen.” It might not be Dr Tho­raiya Kanafani, psy­chol­o­gist and clin­i­cal direc­tor at Hu­man Re­la­tions In­sti­tute and Clin­ics in Jumeirah Lake Tow­ers, Dubai, says we should en­sure our lives are ful­fill­ing and en­rich­ing with or with­out a part­ner. She ad­vises that one should be in­ter­de­pen­dent, rather than code­pen­dent. “If you view your re­la­tion­ship as the one thing mak­ing you happy, that is not healthy. There needs to be other fac­tors in your life out­side of be­ing a cou­ple.” The ver­dict Love is lovely, but be­ware of plac­ing too much em­pha­sis on it: that can lead to de­pen­dency and dis­ap­point­ment.

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