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FOR THE BASE, MIX 70g choco-chip cook­ies, crushed to a pow­der 50g dark choco­late, melted 50g but­ter, melted FOR THE FILL­ING 3 tsp gelatin pow­der, soaked in 2 tbsp wa­ter for 5 mins 100g white choco­late, bro­ken into chunks, melted and cooled 120g caster sugar 1 cup cream cheese, soft­ened 1/2 tsp rose­wa­ter 1 cup cream FOR THE TOP­PING 2 tsp gelatin pow­der, soaked in 2 tbsp wa­ter 1/2 cup puréed straw­ber­ries 6 straw­ber­ries, thinly sliced 1 To make the base, press the mix­ture into the base of a lined 20x20 bak­ing tin and re­frig­er­ate to set. 2 For the fill­ing, mi­crowave the gelatin un­til liq­uid. Place choco­late, sugar, cheese, rose wa­ter and cream in a bowl. Beat to com­bine. Add gelatin in a thin stream, and stir. Pour over base and smooth out. 3 For the top­ping, melt the gelatin in the mi­crowave and mix with straw­berry purée. Pour over the fill­ing and spread to make an even layer. 4 Layer sliced straw­ber­ries over and re­frig­er­ate for 4 hours or un­til set. 5 If you’re feel­ing ro­man­tic, cut into heart shapes to serve.

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