Meet the living Vin­cent Van Gogh.

His great grand fa­ther was brother to one of the finest artists ever to walk the planet. But Vin­cent Willem Van Goghtells Colin Drury, when peo­ple find out about his re­la­tion, they of­ten just want to talk about his ear...

Friday - - Editor’s Letter -

When Vin­cent Van Gogh – a lawyer, born in 1953, both ears in­tact – tells peo­ple that, yes, he is re­lated to the Vin­cent Van Gogh (the artist who died 1890), he says there are two main re­ac­tions.

Some peo­ple want to talk about his great un­cle’s works; about Sun­flow­ers and Irises and AWheat­field With

Cy­presses. “This makes me very proud,” he says. “It makes me re­alise just how many peo­ple all over the world are made happy by his art. They see me as a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of his name and that is an hon­our.”

And some peo­ple, he notes, want to talk about the mas­ter painter’s ear. Or, rather, the lack of. Van Gogh fa­mously hacked off part of his lobe and pre­sented it to a woman as a to­ken – ar­guably mis­guided, this – of his af­fec­tion.

“They joke with me, they say ‘I am happy you have both ears’,” notes Vin­cent, who ac­tu­ally goes by his mid­dle name Willem. “This is fine too

Vin­cent Willem Van Gogh (right) is the great grand­son of Van Gogh’s brother Theo

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