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Brad Pitt is one. So are Anne Hath­away, Gwyneth Pal­trow and J-Lo. Bey­oncé and hus­band Jay Z did it for 22 days with mirac­u­lous re­sults, and I in­dulge in it now and again. No we’re not talk­ing about be­ing ‘hot’ bikram yoga fans, though this does also ben­e­fit your health, help you lose ki­los and give you a ra­di­ant glow. We’re all eat­ing ve­gan.

This strict diet ex­cludes dairy, eggs, meat, fish and an­i­mal by-prod­ucts, such as honey. For eth­i­cal rea­sons many ve­g­ans won’t wear wool, leather or use prod­ucts tested on an­i­mals.

But while it may be strict – and you do have to check as an­i­mal-de­rived prod­ucts such as gelatin are used in many foods – there are a lot of health ben­e­fits as it low­ers choles­terol, in­creases energy, reg­u­lates blood-sugar lev­els, hy­per­ten­sion and boosts the im­mune sys­tem. That’s be­cause fruits, veg­eta­bles, nuts and seeds have high lev­els of an­tiox­i­dants, which keep you look­ing younger for longer and make your skin glow. What’s not to love?

I’ve been a strict veg­e­tar­ian since I was a child and have been ve­gan on and off ever since. It was hard at first as it meant mostly liv­ing off kid­ney beans and nut cut­lets (which

It was HARD AT FIRST, but things have IM­PROVED VASTLY and now VE­GAN RESTAU­RANTS serve up DE­LI­CIOUS dishes that wouldn’t look out of place in a MICHE­LIN-STARRED res­tau­rant

tasted like saw­dust) but things have im­proved vastly since then and now ve­gan restau­rants serve up de­li­cious dishes that wouldn’t look out of place in a Miche­lin-starred res­tau­rant.

Celebrity trainer Marco Borges – who helps keep Bey­oncé in shape – has writ­ten a book on the 22-day ve­gan diet, which even in­cludes dark cho­co­late and prom­ises to trans­form your body as well as your health. Take a sneaky peek into this latest healthy trend on page 26 and let me know what you think of this story and the rest of the is­sue. Un­til next week,

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