Mari­paz Car­ballo, 43, flight at­ten­dant, from Madrid, Spain

Friday - - The Big Story -

Ihad never been ill be­fore I found a pea-sized lump in my left breast four years ago. When I men­tioned it to a doc­tor he told me it could be be­nign but sug­gested I do a biopsy, which showed the tu­mour to be ma­lig­nant.

I tried to for­get about it and avoided treat­ment for three months. I didn’t want to be­lieve this had hap­pened to me. It took me three months to ac­cept the fact that maybe I could die. I was even more afraid of chemo­ther­apy. I did a lot of re­search on the in­ter­net, met many on­col­o­gists, but they all said the same thing – there was no guar­an­tee that it could be cured. I was told to un­dergo a mas­tec­tomy.

As I have no fam­ily here, I went to Madrid to have the mas­tec­tomy done. The true test came af­ter the surgery when doc­tors pre­scribed five ses­sions of chemo­ther­apy and a hor­mone treat­ment with Ta­mox­ifen (a drug that pre­vents the spread of breast can­cer caused by cer­tain hor­mones) for 10 years.

The treat­ment was ag­gres­sive, and I was very re­luc­tant to fol­low it be­cause I didn’t want to suf­fer the side ef­fects, like los­ing my hair. So I re­searched al­ter­na­tive treat­ments and one on­col­o­gist sug­gested a home­o­pathic treat­ment us­ing a medicine called Helixor. It is given as an in­jec­tion three times a week and doesn’t have any side ef­fects. It is not toxic and doesn’t pre­vent you from hav­ing chil­dren. It boosts the body’s im­mune sys­tem to fight the can­cer with­out de­stroy­ing the good cells as well.

I be­gan the treat­ment in 2012 and I am fine. I still have all my hair and haven’t suf­fered any side ef­fects so far, ex­cept a rash on my hand when it was in­jected ini­tially.

I’ve been rec­om­mended to have this treat­ment for five years. It’s been three and half years now, and I am feel­ing great. I’m in re­mis­sion now.

I would like can­cer pa­tients to know that there are al­ter­na­tive treat­ments to chemo­ther­apy, so you don’t have to al­ways de­pend on it. You can fol­low this treat­ment along with chemo­ther­apy too, and I’ve been told it works well in tan­dem.

My ad­vice to those ven­tur­ing into treat­ment for can­cer is please be in­formed of all your op­tions when choos­ing a treat­ment and don’t rush into some­thing no mat­ter how ur­gent it might be. Make an in­formed de­ci­sion ac­cord­ing to what you be­lieve is the right thing for you.

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