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9 French artist con­sid­ered con­tro­ver­sial dur­ing his time whose works in­clude Mu­sic in the Tui­leries, Le Dé­je­uner sur l’herbe, Olympia, The Races at Longchamp and A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (5) 10 From the Latin word mean­ing dark brown or dusky, clothes worn with aca­demic gowns dur­ing ma­tric­u­la­tion, ex­am­i­na­tions and other for­mal oc­ca­sions such as grad­u­a­tion at Ox­ford (7)

11 Di­rec­tor noted for his work with Ismail Mer­chant on films in­clud­ing Heat and Dust, A Room with a View, Howards End and

The Re­mains of the Day (5) 13 Ar­chi­tect who re­designed Culzean Cas­tle, a Na­tional Trust for Scot­land build­ing de­picted on the re­verse side of £5 notes is­sued by the Royal Bank of Scot­land (4)

14 Ris­ing to 8,848 me­tres above sea level, Earth’s high­est moun­tain (7)

15 1980s’ BBC tele­vi­sion drama based on a se­ries of au­to­bi­o­graph­i­cal books by vet­eri­nary sur­geon David Tay­lor, one of the first in Bri­tain to spe­cialise in zoo­log­i­cal and wildlife medicine (3,2,3)

16 City on the French Riviera roughly be­tween Nice and Saint-Tropez, host of a pres­ti­gious film fes­ti­val where the pre­sen­ta­tion of the Palme d’Or oc­curs (6)

17 Small tile of stone, glass, mir­ror or other ma­te­rial used in the con­struc­tion of a mo­saic (7)

19 Name of the 65ft bronze statue of a naked woman with a sword stand­ing on Il­fra­combe pier, on loan to North Devon Coun­cil as a gift from Damien Hirst (6) 20 Male of the na­tional bird of In­dia (7) 23 Ital­ian prov­ince, site of the coastal city where Christo­pher Colum­bus was born and of the pic­turesque fish­ing vil­lage, re­sort and har­bour Portofino (5)

25 Com­poser of an or­ches­tral piece that was used as the ac­com­pa­ny­ing mu­sic to the gold medal-win­ning per­for­mance by Torvill and Dean at the 1984 Win­ter Olympics (5)

29 Ro­man god­dess of dawn with the Greek coun­ter­part Eos, de­picted in a paint­ing by Her­bert James Draper (6)

31 Spring flow­er­ing plant with spe­cially pre­pared bulbs, which may be forced in­doors to bloom dur­ing Christ­mas (8)

32 Col­lec­tive noun for a group of grouse, par­tridges, pheas­ants, ptarmi­gans, quail or wood­cock (5)

35 Brand of leather gloves worn by El­iz­a­beth II dur­ing her corona­tion, Ad­mi­ral Lord Nel­son, 007, Bat­man and some of the char­ac­ters in Down­ton Abbey (5)

36 _______ and Ama­zons; Arthur Ran­some book in pro­duc­tion as a film by Philippa Lowthorpe, due for re­lease in 2016 (8)

37 Cen­tral part of a pair of glasses, or a sup­port for a snooker cue (6) 38 __ _ _ _ of Kings; horse-rac­ing (5) 40 Wizard’s _____; game played in Harry

Pot­ter and the Philoso­pher’s Stone (5) 41 From the French word mean­ing heav­enly, an in­stru­ment used to per­form Tchaikovsky’s

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (7) 46 Snack, sand­wich or ap­pe­tiser in the form of a minia­ture burger in a bun (6) 48 Drama­tist who wrote The Duchess of Malfi, al­luded to in Agatha Christie’s

Sleep­ing Mur­der (7) 50 Earth’s largest hot desert (6) 52 Swedish botanist who de­vised the mod­ern bi­no­mial nomen­cla­ture used to clas­sify all known life forms (8)

54 No­bel Prize-win­ning im­mu­nol­o­gist who coined the term chemo­ther­apy (7) 55 Slow en­ergy re­lease ce­real grains (4) 56 The cap­i­tal of Morocco (5)

57 Cold _______; four-part TV drama by Den­nis Pot­ter star­ring Al­bert Fin­ney (7)

58 _____ le Grand; com­mune near Paris (5)


1 Rhyme or acro­nym used to aid re­call, such as I be­fore E, ex­cept af­ter C (8) 2 The cap­i­tal of Greece (6) 3 _______ of Love; An­drew Lloyd Web­ber mu­si­cal with the song Love

Changes Every­thing (7) 4 Side of a coin bear­ing a head (7) 5 Un­der­gar­ment known in French as a tour­nure, pop­u­lar af­ter crino­lines (6) 6 The re­flec­tion of a sound (4) 7 Ro­man god­dess of wis­dom and hand­i­crafts, of­ten de­picted with an owl (7)

8 Ar­ti­san skilled in mak­ing an item used by a tox­ophilite (6) 9 Mass com­mu­ni­ca­tion col­lec­tively (5) 12 The longest river in Asia (7) 18 Aban­don­ment of a be­lief (8) 21 The French word for study (5) 22 Pe­jo­ra­tive term for a mem­ber of a so­cial group stereo­typ­i­cally wear­ing Burberry, base­ball caps and brash lo­gos (4)

24 In­ven­tor dubbed the Wizard of Menlo Park who ac­quired 1,093 patents in his life­time sin­gu­larly or jointly (6)

26 Provençal may­on­naise-like gar­lic sauce served with raw or steamed veg­eta­bles (5)

27 Spitz-like ca­nine breed with a bluish­black tongue, known as a lion dog (4,4)

28 Author of nov­els in­clud­ing The Girl at the Lion d’Or, Bird­song, The Fa­tal English­man, En­gleby and Jeeves and the Wed­ding Bells (6) 30 An an­i­mal de­picted in a novel set in North Devon by Henry Wil­liamson (5)

33 Women’s cloth­ing size usu­ally equal to 36 in France or four in the US (5)

34 A dou­ble reed in­stru­ment form­ing part of the third move­ment of Hec­tor Ber­lioz’s

Sym­phonie Fan­tas­tique (4) 39 French puff pas­try bis­cuit with a cin­na­mon ver­sion known as an ar­lette (7)

42 Coun­try on the Red Sea, ruled by Haile Se­lassie from 1930-74 (8)

43 Royal So­ci­ety for the Preven­tion of __ _ _ _ _ _ to An­i­mals; founded in 1824, the world’s old­est an­i­mal wel­fare or­gan­i­sa­tion (7)

44 Gen­eral term for veg­eta­bles, bean sprouts, wa­ter chest­nuts, cashews, seafood, meat or tofu cooked quickly in a wok (4,3) 45 French word for fat (7) 47 Sec­ond-longest river in Europe (6) 49 Term for a wind of force be­tween 2-6 on the Beau­fort scale (6)

50 Mytho­log­i­cal crea­ture that de­voured trav­ellers who could not an­swer its rid­dle (6)

51 Name of a wa­ter vole char­ac­ter in a story who says: ‘Be­lieve me, my young friend, there is noth­ing – ab­so­lutely noth­ing – half so much worth do­ing as sim­ply mess­ing about in boats.’ (5)

53 Tex­tile formed from the fi­bre pro­duced by a crea­ture with a diet con­sist­ing solely of mul­berry leaves (4)

So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is Oc­to­ber 20. The win­ner will be an­nounced on Oc­to­ber 30. The win­ner of the Oc­to­ber 2 cross­word is GA Chin­chan­wal, Dubai.

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