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Q My legs are re­ally skinny and be­cause of that I don’t look good in dresses. What can be done to im­prove them and how much will it cost?

A It must be said that it’s dif­fi­cult to shape skinny legs. Us­ing cos­metic surgery you could have calf im­plants, but this can cause con­traindi­ca­tions and com­pli­ca­tions such as in­fec­tion or even bleed­ing or im­plant shift­ing – so un­less your legs look re­ally bad, it might not be worth hav­ing the op­er­a­tion. Al­ter­na­tively, there is an­other pro­ce­dure where fat from one area of the body – like your ab­domen, for in­stance – can be taken and in­jected into the thigh and lower leg ar­eas. Prices start from about Dh15,000.

An­other op­tion is to just ex­er­cise. If proper ex­er­cises tar­get­ing the lower half of the body are done un­der the guid­ance of a qual­i­fied in­struc­tor, you might be able to add mus­cles to the calf and thigh area to give your legs more bulk and shape.

MAU­R­IZIO AND ROBERTO VIEL are Ital­ian plas­tic sur­geons at the Lon­don Cen­tre for Aes­thetic Surgery in Dubai

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