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1 Artist whose paint­ings in­clude The Vin­tage Morn, The La­ment for Icarus, The Wa­ter

Nymph, Pot Pourri, The Gates of Dawn and

Ulysses and the Sirens (6) 4 No­bel Prize-win­ning nov­el­ist who wrote The Grass Is Singing, The Golden Note­book, Re­treat to In­no­cence, The Sweet­est Dream and Cano­pus in Ar­gos: Ar­chives se­ries (7)

8 Coun­try known as L’Hexagone with a na­tional motto that trans­lates as ‘lib­erty, equal­ity and fra­ter­nity’ (6)

14 En­clave near Ri­mini said to be the old­est-sur­viv­ing sov­er­eign state in the world, re­main­ing neu­tral dur­ing the World Wars (3,6)

15 Town in Tan­za­nia where Henry Stan­ley found David Liv­ing­stone in 1871, and where Richard Bur­ton and John Speke first reached the shore of Lake Tan­ganyika ear­lier in 1858 (5)

16 Sport or game tra­di­tion­ally played on green with bi­ased wooden ob­jects rolled to­wards a jack (5)

17 Maiden name of the cur­rent Olympic and world hep­tathlon cham­pion and former Bri­tish record holder in 100 me­tres hur­dles (5)

18 Bac­chus and -------; one in a cy­cle of paint­ings cre­ated by Ti­tian orig­i­nally to fea­ture in the Al­abaster Room of the ducal palace of Al­fonso I d’Este (7)

19 Bats­man’s score of 100 runs in cricket; a com­pany of 100 sol­diers in the an­cient Ro­man army; or, a recre­ational bi­cy­cle ride of 100 miles (7)

20 Kitchen ------; also called a potager, an area for cul­ti­vat­ing veg­eta­bles such as the one the Prince of Wales has at High­grove (6)

23 Art -------; style as­so­ci­ated with Aubrey Beard­s­ley, Émile Gallé, Vic­tor Horta, Charles Ren­nie Mack­in­tosh, Alphonse Mucha and Louis Com­fort Tiffany (7)

25 Prince Ed­ward, Duke of ----; first cousin of El­iz­a­beth II, pres­i­dent of the All England Lawn Ten­nis and Cro­quet Club (4)

28 Ellen ---------; re­tired sailor who, in 2004, be­came the fastest to sin­gle-hand­edly cir­cum­nav­i­gate the globe in a yacht (9)

31 Com­mon name for a life-threat­en­ing or fa­tal oc­cur­rence med­i­cally known as my­ocar­dial in­farc­tion (5,6)

33 The Duke of Ed­in­burgh’s ----- ; youth achieve­ment pro­gramme founded in 1956 by Prince Philip (5)

34 The ----- ----; tele­vi­sion sit­com star­ring Joe McGann, Diana We­ston and Honor Black­man, first aired in 1990 (5,4)

36 Poet who wrote: ‘She walks in beauty, like the night, Of cloud­less climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright, Meet in her as­pect and her eyes.’ (5)

38 The ---- -------; 1895 novella by H. G. Wells that de­fined mod­ern sci­ence fic­tion (4,7)

42 In seismology, the point on the Earth’s sur­face di­rectly above the fo­cus of an earth­quake (9) 43 Un­bleached or raw linen colour (4)

45 Ham­let char­ac­ter who says: ‘Why, as a wood­cock to mine own springe, Os­ric. I am

justly killed with mine own treach­ery.’ (7) 47 Colour com­ple­men­tary to vi­o­let (6) 51 The ‘prifd­di­nas’ of Cymru (7) 52 Pasta-like strips served in ra­men, chow mein and laksa (7)

54 Ti­tled 2nd Earl of Guil­ford, the prime min­is­ter from 1770-82 (5) 56 Mould­ing sim­i­lar to an ech­i­nus (5) 57 Bird de­picted with two heads on the na­tional flag of Al­ba­nia (5)

58 In Egyp­tian hi­ero­glyph­ics, an oval fig­ure en­clos­ing a royal name (9)

59 One of the amino acids es­sen­tial in the hu­man diet found oc­cur­ring nat­u­rally in eggs, fish, red meat, beans and cheese (6)

60 In her­aldry, of an an­i­mal, stand­ing with all four paws on the ground (7)

61 Type of pro­tein act­ing as a cat­a­lyst in a spe­cific bio­chem­i­cal re­ac­tion (6)


1 Light­weight full-length coat worn in the early 1900s to pro­tect cloth­ing when trav­el­ling in an open car (6)

2 No­bel Peace Prize lau­re­ate who served as sec­re­tary-gen­eral of the United Na­tions from 1997 to 2006 (5)

3 Mis­sion ------- time; in­ter­val recorded from the ex­act mo­ment a space­craft is launched (7)

5 Gen­eral word for phe­nom­ena of the mind not in­volved in ob­jec­tive think­ing (7) 6 Bread made with a ‘starter’ mix­ture (9) 7 En­vi­ron­men­tal pol­lu­tion caused by a neigh­bour’s mu­sic, dogs bark­ing, mov­ing ve­hi­cles, planes fly­ing over, etc (5) 9 Rus­sian city for­merly Shcherbakov (7) 10 World’s sec­ond-largest is­land (3,6) 11 Pro­to­type of a pro­posed stamp (6) 12 The cap­i­tal of Peru (4) 13 Fourth rank in the peer­age sys­tem (8) 21 The cap­i­tal of Ghana (5) 22 The first prime min­is­ter of In­dia (5) 24 Ja­panese soy­bean ap­pe­tiser (7) 26 Paint­ing tech­nique used by Vin­cent Van Gogh in Still Life: Vase with Pink

Roses and The Starry Night (7) 27 Cur­rent host of Room 101 (7) 29 City 60 miles south of War­saw (5) 30 Type of ver­te­brate stud­ied by David At­ten­bor­ough and team in the BBC doc­u­men­tary Life in Cold Blood (7) 32 ----- d’hôte; type of prix fixe menu (5) 35 Flower with a Latin name trans­lat­ing as pretty ev­er­last­ing, used as a nick­name for girls named Mar­garet (5) 37 Re­la­tion be­tween two quan­ti­ties (5) 39 Cakes of co­conut or ground al­monds baked on edi­ble rice pa­per (9)

40 Mike Bullen drama that starred James Nes­bitt and He­len Bax­en­dale (4,4)

41 Hu­man with one of the per­son­al­ity types orig­i­nally de­fined by Carl Jung (9) 44 Myth­i­cal an­i­mal with a sin­gle horn (7) 46 El­e­ment with semi­con­duct­ing prop­er­ties, atomic num­ber 14 (7)

48 16th US pres­i­dent; or, a city south of Scun­thorpe, south-west of Grimsby (7)

49 Tom Brown’s ------ Days; 1857 novel by Thomas Hughes set in Rugby (6)

50 Who Moved My ------?, trun­cated ti­tle of a book by Spencer John­son (6)

52 ----- of the Long Knives; mas­sacre of the Brown­shirts in­clud­ing Ernst Röhm or­dered by Hitler in June 1934 (5) 53 Chan­nel Is­land with no cars (4) 55 ----- road; no-bake con­fec­tion of marsh­mal­lows and crunched-up bis­cuits set in melted choco­late (5)

So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is Oc­to­ber 27. The win­ner will be an­nounced on Novem­ber 6. The win­ner of the Oc­to­ber 9 cross­word is Tony Al­vares, Aj­man.

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