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I went on an IN­VITE-ATHON – ac­cept­ing EV­ERY­THING I was asked to. It wasn’t long be­fore my FACE be­gan to ACHE from my FROZEN smile, and my EYES be­gan to GLAZE over from all the SMALL TALK

We’ve all been there. Or rather we haven’t – and that’s the prob­lem. Slouch­ing in front of the TV, watch­ing a medi­ocre box set, we’ll scroll through our Face­book feed and see all our friends, neigh­bours and col­leagues post­ing from the new­est restau­rant, the glitzi­est party, tuck­ing into the most de­li­cious-look­ing dishes hand­made by a celebrity chef, or even on the red car­pet, hang­ing out with gen­uine stars.

Most peo­ple will then suf­fer a twinge of jeal­ousy and de­velop a se­vere case of Fomo – fear of miss­ing out – which means they say yes to ev­ery in­vite. I, on the other hand, used to be con­sumed by a rage so in­tense I’d go on a Face­book culling frenzy, delet­ing ev­ery­one who seemed to be hav­ing a bet­ter time than me.

Best friends? Delete. Brother? Gone in a se­cond. Even my mother was culled for a day. Her crime? Or­gan­is­ing a sur­prise party 3,500 miles away that I couldn’t at­tend and post­ing pic­tures of it. Off to the block list they’d go un­til my rage sub­sided and, ashamed, I’d send a friend re­quest. Luck­ily most de­cided to for­give me and let me into their vir­tual lives once more, but I de­cided some self-help was in or­der.

So I went on an in­vite-athon – ac­cept­ing ev­ery­thing I was asked to. It wasn’t long be­fore my face be­gan to ache from my frozen smile, and my eyes be­gan to glaze over from all the small talk. Even the bril­liant nights out with friends left me ex­hausted and long­ing for my bed and my nights in front of the TV again.

Now, I’m happy to be found watch­ing Chopped most nights, af­ter the chil­dren are in bed, too con­tent to even check my loved ones’ so­cial me­dia. Why? Be­cause I have Jomo – the joy of miss­ing out. I’ve helped my chil­dren achieve bet­ter grades by help­ing with their home­work, my hus­band and I are closer than ever, and I’m feel­ing and look­ing health­ier thanks to some early nights. Check out our fea­ture on this lat­est phe­nom­e­non on page 50. It’s worth stay­ing in for! Un­til next week,

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