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Every­wrin­kle can tell a story. There are fine ones at the sides of my eyes when I’ve stared at a screen for hours on end. Those fur­row lines in­be­tween – known as 11s be­cause that’s the num­ber they re­sem­ble – are from frown­ing as I check ev­ery word I’ve writ­ten. Then there’s the red­den­ing across my cheeks, the dull com­plex­ion and oc­ca­sional spot. Yes, my name’s Karen and I have stress face.

I’mnot alone. As the amount of time we spend on screens goes into dou­ble fig­ures each day, and our work­loads in­crease, so do our stress lev­els and cor­ti­sol, the hor­mone pro­duced to cope with it. Jug­gling busy life­styles and feel­ing con­stantly strung-out and stressed hin­ders our skin’s abil­ity to re­pair it­self, so we see younger women sport­ing wrinkles and ladies in their 40s and 50s with break­outs.

‘We know stress is un­healthy for the heart and brain,’ warns Dr Howard Mu­rad, a top der­ma­tol­o­gist in our beauty re­port on page 62, ‘but it’s just as bad for your skin.’

He says that women are look­ing older, with life­less com­plex­ions and acne be­cause they are more stressed than they were even five years ago. Trig­gers can be work, money, fam­ily and re­la­tion­ships. ‘But I’ve also seen a rise in cul­tural stress,’ he adds, ‘where women ex­pect per­fec­tion from them­selves in all ar­eas at all times.’

So, as well as us­ing myr­iad prod­ucts, we also need to learn how to de-stress. I usu­ally turn up the ra­dio and sing along tomy favourite tunes – it’s a great­way to get rid ofmy wrinkles, though my neigh­bours and fam­ily might not agree!

Un­til next week,

Stress TRIG­GER Scan be work, money, fam­ily and RE­LA­TION­SHIPS. But there’ s also been arise in CUL­TURAL STRESS, where women ex­pect PER­FEC­TION from them­selves in all ar­eas at ALL TIMES

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