gos­sip­ing or gulp­ing back cups of tea, that’s for sure. We’re too busy mak­ing our first and big­gest mis­take of our day – an­swer­ing emails in a bid to tackle the in­box moun­tain. Un­til read­ing the fas­ci­nat­ing fea­ture on page 42about be­ing­more pro­duc­tive to

Friday - - Editor’s Letter - Karen Pasquali Jones Edi­tor kpasqual­i­

It’s easy to tell the moth­ers in our of­fice. It isn’t the dark cir­cles un­der their eyes fromthe per­pet­ual lack of sleep or stains of baby spit­tle on their clothes that give it away. Sim­ply walk into our of­fice at 7.50am and the only heads you’ll see bent over their com­put­ers are the mums who’ve just suc­cess­fully com­pleted their hard­est task of the day – the school run.

Long be­fore our am­bi­tious col­leagues have crawled out from un­der their duvets, the moth­ers among us have mar­shalled re­luc­tant lit­tle ones into uni­forms, to the break­fast ta­ble, and out the front door, ready to be dropped off by 7.45am start times. Five min­utes later, we’re smil­ing at our desks, know­ing that ev­ery­thing our work­ing day has to throw at us is a piece of prover­bial cake in com­par­i­son.

So what we do with that 90-minute head start on the rest of the of­fice? Cer­tainly not

Un­til I read our fea­ture about be­ing more PRO­DUC­TIVE at WORK, I’d thought I was be­ing CLEVER in rep ly­ing to a tsunami of EMAILS first thing. But, as the EX­PERTS re­veal, that is a FULL-TIME job in it­self

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