Toxic bosses go un­der MYR­IAD guises, can be of any age and GEN­DER and can be found LURK­ING in com­pa­nies around the GLOBE. But if you work for one, BE­WARE. They can RUIN more than just your day

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We’ve all had one, even if we didn’t recog­nise it at first. Per­haps it was the boss that told me off for be­ing ‘too newsy’ or the one who in­sisted on go­ing out to brunches or par­ties un­til 3am on a week­night. It might have been the one who never said no to his boss, even if it meant my team work­ing longer and longer hours on projects with­out any ex­tra re­sources or bud­get. Or it could have been the boss who lost his tem­per any­time any­one asked him a ques­tion – scream­ing ob­scen­i­ties, spit­tle fly­ing and his face puce with anger.

They go un­der myr­iad guises, can be of any age, gen­der and na­tion­al­ity and can be found lurk­ing in com­pa­nies big and small around the globe. But if you work for one, be­ware – the toxic boss can ruin more than just your day.

Whether it’s the mi­cro­man­ager, bully or mate-boss, the poi­sonous ef­fects of th­ese ter­ri­ble man­agers can af­fect not only your ca­reer, but also take their toll on your health, per­sonal de­vel­op­ment and hap­pi­ness in and out of the work­place.

Work­ing for a toxic boss can in­evitably lead to stress, but stud­ies have found it has also been linked to heart prob­lems, sleep de­pri­va­tion, hair loss and liver and kid­ney prob­lems.

That ‘pleaser’ boss – the most odi­ous of the lot ac­cord­ing to ex­perts be­cause they spend so much time suck­ing up to their boss, they pile all the pres­sure on to you – can even make you fat. Amer­i­can pro­fes­sor Chris­tine Po­rath ex­plains that the body has an in­built re­sponse to rude­ness – in­creased glu­co­cor­ti­coid lev­els. It’s the hor­mone that boosts ap­petite so the more rude­ness we have to put up with from those hor­ri­ble bosses, the more our body pro­duces, the more we eat and the big­ger we get.

So the next time you’re look­ing for a new job, ask the prospec­tive boss if you can take a walk around the of­fice. If the staff are smil­ing and skinny, you know you’re on to a win­ner. If not, well, check out our fas­ci­nat­ing fea­ture on page 26 and learn how to spot and tackle the dif­fer­ent types of toxic bosses. Good luck! Un­til next week,

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