Friday - - Editor’s Letter - Mri­nal Shekar Deputy Edi­tor

Your favourite pizza joint has a buy-one-get-an­other-for-half-the-price of­fer. How can you re­sist? It’s great value for money af­ter all. You or­der in. Be­fore you re­alise it, you have two hot scrump­tious piz­zas sit­ting in front of you. The melt­ing, stringy cheese, colour­ful veg­gies, suc­cu­lent chunks of meat and that pil­lowy crust, all lure you into gas­tro­nomic heaven. Squash­ing the tinge of guilt over ex­ces­sive food, you tell your­self that fin­ish­ing two small piz­zas should not be dif­fi­cult. You’re do­ing a movie marathon in front of the telly and you’ve been good the whole week as far as be­ing mind­ful of what you eat is con­cerned. You de­serve it.

Half a movie and five slices later, you don’t want to even look in­side the boxes. The left­overs have not just gone stone-cold, the cheese looks like melted plas­tic and the strong odour from the veg­gies and meat leaves you feel­ing nau­seous. Straight to the bin, they go. Your con­science does nudge you a bit as thoughts of world hunger and poverty cross your mind, but you as­suage it with ‘it’s only a few measly slices of pizza and you don’t do this of­ten’.

But what you just did makes you an ac­com­plice in one of the UAE’s most dis­turb­ing sta­tis­tics: the an­nual pro­duc­tion of three mil­lion tonnes of food waste. From stale loaves of bread, rel­ishes and condi­ments that come along with combo meals to car­tons of milk and yo­gurt that have passed use-by dates and mas­sive amounts of left­overs the F&B in­dus­try gen­er­ates over­all, the over­whelm­ing vol­ume is a re­flec­tion of our skewed re­la­tion­ship with food. It’s time for a re­al­ity check. Read our re­port on page 18 for tips on how we can stem this mind-bog­gling loss of re­sources. Un­til next week,

From STALE bread to milk car­tons that have passed USE-BY dates and LEFT­OVERS the F&B in­dus­try gen­er­ates, the OVER­WHELM­ING vol­ume of FOOD WASTE in the UAE re­flects our skewed ties with food

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