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1 Pain­ter and stained glass de­signer noted for works in kalei­do­scopic colours such as The Green Don­key, La Mar­iée (The Bride), The Blue Cir­cus and Bou­quet with Fly­ing

Lovers (7) 5 Town on the Isle of Wight sep­a­rated by the Me­d­ina and linked by a float­ing bridge, lo­ca­tion of an an­nual Au­gust re­gatta, which is one of the long­est-run­ning sport­ing events in the UK (5)

8 Items made or sold by a chan­dler, four of which ap­pear in a fa­mous sketch by The Two Ron­nies (7)

12 With other ver­nac­u­lar names in­clud­ing horsemint and berg­amot, a North Amer­i­can genus of plant in the mint fam­ily, Monarda (3,4)

13 No­bel Prize-win­ning au­thor noted for his comic por­trayal of his birth coun­try, Trinidad, in nov­els in­clud­ing The Mys­tic Masseur and A House for Mr Biswas (7) 14 Known in­for­mally as the ticker, mus­cu­lar or­gan that pumps around 2,000 gal­lons of blood round the body daily (5)

15 The ____ in the Van; star­ring Mag­gie Smith, a film adap­ta­tion of an orig­i­nal play Alan Ben­nett based on a pe­riod of his life in Cam­den Town (4)

16 Used to flavour Mex­i­can dishes such as tamale, chilli con carne, en­chi­lada sauce and mole with choco­late, a poblano chilli pep­per in its dried form (5)

17 Gen­eral term for a ver­sa­tile crick­eter good at both bat­ting and bowl­ing; or, a good-tem­pered school­mas­ter horse or pony used for var­i­ous dis­ci­plines (3-7)

20 Sur­name of the ar­chi­tect Inigo whose no­table works in­clude Ban­quet­ing House, White­hall, and the Queen‘s House, Green­wich (5)

21 Based on sys­tolic and di­as­tolic data and ideally around 120/80mmHg, one of the body’s vi­tal signs (5,8)

26 A per­son who spe­cialises in the sci­ence or nat­u­ral his­tory of trees (12)

27 __ _ _ _ _ _ _ x soulangeana; hy­brid tree with creamy-pink flow­ers that open be­fore the leaves in spring (8)

30 Com­mon name for a re­gion in Eu­rope with 82 of­fi­cial sum­mits in­clud­ing its high­est peak at about 15,780ft, Mont Blanc (4)

32 Se­cret police agency of the for­mer Ger­man Demo­cratic Repub­lic (5)

33 Ac­tor who starred in the film based on parts of the Mon­mouth Re­bel­lion and Bloody As­sizes, Cap­tain Blood (5)

34 The sec­ond-long­est river in the Ibe­rian Penin­sula af­ter the Ta­gus (4)

38 Chem­i­cal in brain tis­sue act­ing as a neu­ro­trans­mit­ter, a lack of which can be as­soci­ated with Parkin­son’s dis­ease, ADHD and addictions (8)

39 Com­mon name for the plant known as the four o’clock flower (6,2,4)

42 French phrase lit­er­ally mean­ing spirit of the body or group (6,2,5)

44 In­for­mal term for army field ra­tions; or, a mix­ture of ma­te­ri­als (5)

48 Artist as­soci­ated with Lyt­ton Stra­chey and oth­ers from the Blooms­bury Group who painted a no­table por­trait of nov­el­ist EM Forster (10)

50 Ground de­sign of a build­ing such as Castle Fraser near Aberdeen (1-4)

51 From the Ja­panese word for buck­wheat, a thin va­ri­ety of gluten-free noo­dle eaten hot or cold (4) 54 Body of wa­ter such as a bay or cove (5) 55 Sea _______; named af­ter a ter­res­trial flower, an an­i­mal re­lated to jel­ly­fish, ex­ist­ing sym­bi­ot­i­cally with clown­fish (7)

56 Port in Ar­gentina con­sid­ered the south­ern­most city in the world (7)

57 Brown Nor­we­gian cheese with a caramel-like flavour, tra­di­tion­ally served grilled with crushed ba­nanas (7)

58 Units of cur­rency of 19 of the coun­tries in an or­gan­i­sa­tion which the UK is con­sid­er­ing leav­ing (5)

59 The broth­ers who patented the cin­e­mato­graph, con­sid­ered the world’s first film-mak­ers (7)


1 Known in French as pavé, type of stone form­ing part of the road sur­face in the Tour of Flan­ders or Paris–Roubaix (6) 2 City, site of the Het Loo Palace (9) 3 Greek hero, son of Te­la­mon (4) 4 French city fa­mous for an an­nual 24-hour en­durance motor race (2,4) 5 A per­son who col­lects or stud­ies mol­luscs or seashells (12) 6 De­rived from the ti­tle of a hunts­man’s as­sis­tant re­spon­si­ble for train­ing the hounds, an of­fi­cial ap­pointed to main­tain dis­ci­pline in par­lia­ment (4) 7 Mol­luscs served seared with pancetta or in the dish Co­quilles St Jac­ques (8) 8 A unit of heat en­ergy (7) 9 The first prime min­is­ter of In­dia (5) 10 Row­ing as­so­ci­a­tion with a sym­bol of a pink hip­popota­mus (7,4) 11 The sec­ond-largest planet (6) 18 One of the judges on GBBO (5) 19 In­spec­tor _____; char­ac­ter in Colin Dex­ter’s nov­els such as Last Bus to Wood­stock and Last Seen Wear­ing (5) 22 Gran­u­lar ma­te­rial one would tread dur­ing a Marathon des Sables event (4) 23 One of the Princes in the Tower (6,1) 24 Au­thor of over 600 chil­dren’s books in­clud­ing the Naugh­ti­est Girl se­ries (6) 25 The bright­est star in Carina (7) 28 Com­poser who wrote the score for The Bridge on the River Kwai (6) 29 Mar­i­onettes of a cer­tain type, such as Sooty, Sweep and Soo (5,7) 31 UK’s most com­mon bat species (11) 35 Ab­bre­vi­a­tion of the ti­tle of a naval of­fi­cer rank­ing be­low cap­tain (4)

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