In his DE­FENCE, Savjib­hai says his LONG TRESSES will be his claim to FAME when he en­ters the Guin­ness World Records. I say he is al­ready FA­MOUS, con­sid­er­ing his DREAD­LOCKS saved a lit­tle boy’s LIFE

Friday - - Editor’s Letter -

Acer­tain com­pletely bald man in my life once told me, ‘Go­ing bald can be a hair-rais­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.’ Since I sort of like his bald pate and the as­so­ci­ated swag­ger, I’ve never ar­gued with the the­ory. And that same like­ness has en­sured that my love story with hair had a tragic end. Point out long, thick, lus­trous tresses to me and all you’ll get is a shrug for re­sponse as I no longer un­der­stand why we think hair is a vi­tal part of what we be­lieve is beau­ti­ful.

Think about it. When you see a pretty pic­ture of, say, the stun­ning An­gelina Jolie draped over Brad Pitt at a pre­mière, or Aish­warya Rai Bachchan and her pout work­ing Cannes’ red car­pet, how many of you no­tice their hair be­fore their dress, make-up, shoes, jew­ellery or even lack of it all? None, right? (I’m sure those who do are in the busi­ness of all things hair, so they don’t count.)

So, I won­der what keeps Savjib­hai Rathwa faith­ful to his dread­locks (page 20). The man is 62 years old, lives the tough life of a farmer and makes just enough to feed his fam­ily. Yet, ev­ery alternate day, he uses up 180l of pre­cious wa­ter, about 250ml of sham­poo and three hours of his valu­able time to wash his hair. If you’re reel­ing un­der the hair-rais­ing im­pact of these fig­ures, let me tell you one more – his hair is 18 me­tres long.

What is the point of it? In his de­fence, Savjib­hai says his long tresses will be his claim to fame when he en­ters the Guin­ness World Records. I say he is al­ready fa­mous, con­sid­er­ing his dread­locks saved a lit­tle boy’s life. Yes, it’s true. I sug­gest you read the story for details.

For the rest of you who’re try­ing all you can to main­tain your crown­ing glory, I say, ‘Hair to­day gone to­mor­row’. Cheesy, but true. Un­til next week,

Mri­nal Shekar Deputy Edi­tor

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