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Q I found that I gained weight although I was on a detox diet. I only had fruit juices and veg­eta­bles for a week. I felt good and en­er­gised for the first three days, but then I started to feel weak and tired. Why did I gain weight although I was on a diet?

AWell, let’s get this straight. You gained weight be­cause you chose a wrong diet. You should not go on a detox crash diet if you are look­ing to lose weight. That is not the pur­pose of a detox plan. A detox is to cleanse your liver, to give your di­ges­tive tract a break, to in­crease the rate at which your body will ab­sorb nu­tri­ents and to heal your gut. These are the pos­i­tive changes you should be look­ing for when you are do­ing a detox plan. Los­ing weight will hap­pen only after these pro­cesses in your body reach op­ti­mum per­for­mance level.

Very of­ten peo­ple lose weight on a detox plan but what they have lost is noth­ing but mus­cle and wa­ter – which is ob­vi­ous since fruit juices and veg­gies have neg­li­gi­ble amount of pro­tein and fat.

You should go on a detox for no more than three-five days and not with the in­ten­tion of los­ing weight but to cleanse. Los­ing weight will hap­pen when you eat clean and do some form of work­out con­sis­tently; not when you eat lit­tle. There are no quick fixes to lose weight. So change your mind­set and your body will fol­low.

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